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Spiritual Wellness Programs

Specializing in Psychic Development, Healthy Relationships, and Spiritual Growth.

Modern Awakening© 

Reverend Meg was inspired by her own journey to create a simple system to connect with Spirit. She worked with her Spirit Guide, Mychael, to create Modern Awakening ©. We don't have do embrace a complicated routine to become closer to our higher consciousness and Spirit!

A Modern Awakening ©  is a three month online course designed to help you connect with spirit, develop your intuition, and dissolve your ego. The exercises are simple, the routine is manageable, and the result is greater Spiritual Wellness.

This program is for anyone who wishes to know and trust their intuition, become closer to their Spirit Guides, and improve their overall Spiritual Wellness. 

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Authentic Love©

Like attracts like; and often times we are attracting the "wrong" people because we have not truly cleared the energy of the past, discovered what it is we truly want, or haven't dedicated enough love to ourselves.

Authentic Love © is an online relationship course Reverend Meg co-created with her Main Spirit Guide, Cassandra. It designed to prepare you on an energetic and emotional level to heal from a break-up, attract and be in an authentic and lasting partnership, or fortify an existing partnership. This course goes far deeper than basic relationship advice, and helps you address parts of your present and past which may be blocking you from optimal Spiritual Wellness.

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Genesis Program©

So much work goes into Spiritual Growth- overcoming triggers, emotional control, un-learning, self discovery, self mastery, compassion and love for self and others, dissolving the ego, releasing limiting beliefs...


There is no magic switch. It took time and trauma to build us into the adults we have become, and it takes time and healing for us to rebuild ourselves into our highest and best self. Reverend Meg co-created the 12 month Genesis Program, with her Guides and other Spiritual Entities, as the ultimate Spiritual Growth tool.

This program is for people who deeply desire to remove themselves from the, often superficial, Spiritual Yo-Yo diet lifestyle; and are ready and willing to move forward to becoming the highest best version of themselves for their own Spiritual Wellness, and the benefit of collective consciousness and evolution.

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Big Bang

Big Bang is a 6 week Manifestation & Creation program. This program was co-created by Reverend Meg and her guides; and it follows a specific trajectory to help you create the life you want, dissolving any fear, shame, or distractions you have blocking your way.


What do people regret the most before they die? What they didn't do, not what they did. "I wish I had lived my own life. I wish I had lived my dream. I wish I hadn't worried so much." Big Bang is a program for people who want to regret nothing. Organize your mind, so you can organize your highest and best life. Be supported in the creation of a business, career path, Spiritual practice, healthier lifestyle, or an entirely new life. Live your own life for you. Live your dream. Manifest and Create the highest and best life of your dreams.

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