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Much like Esther Hicks, I connect to your vibration through my Spirit Guides to receive messages for you from the Nonphysical World. I work mainly with my six Spirit Guides. I specialize in Spiritual Wellness and Self Improvement, Relationships, and Developing Spiritual Abilities. Let me know if you have specific needs for our session.

The future does not exist in any physical plane of reality, therefore it cannot be told with any absoluteness. Destiny is a limiting belief and a fantasy; although we entered our physical lives with an outline, destiny in any form would be a restriction on the Spiritual Law of Non-Interference- also known as Free Will.

I do not specialize in communicating with lost loved ones, I specialize in Spirit Development, and work largely with my guides. Every medium is different. If you solely wish to communicate with a lost loved one, please contact Lillian Rajkovich.


Please know, your loved ones who have crossed over are well, and in love. They hold no animosity or regret, they do not desire amends or apologies, and are at peace. I work nearly exclusively with Spirit Guides; and due to the predatory nature of false mediums specializing in communicating with lost loved ones, I do not advertise this service. Crossed loved ones will not always come in for sessions, and no one can compel any entity to appear. They may not come in because they know their presence will emotionally harm you in some way, you have a unhealthy attachment to them which must be released, or they are quite simply busy having fun on Spirit Side.

I am available for Group, Family, and Couples Sessions.

​Love, Rev. Meg

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spiritual Wellness Programs

So much work goes into Spiritual Growth- overcoming triggers, emotional control, un-learning, self discovery, self mastery, compassion and love for self and others, dissolving the ego, releasing limiting beliefs...


There is no magic switch. It took time and trauma to build us into the adults we have become, and it takes time and healing for us to rebuild ourselves into our highest and best self.


If Spiritual Wellness is a priority for you, click here to learn more. 

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