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Right Around the Corner

Right around the corner, you will find relief. Once you rip the band-aid off, and your wound heals, you will have a new scar showcasing your strength. Life is extraordinary; every breeze, joy, laugh, kiss, ache, pain, and sorrow serve as a reminder that we are human.

Most of us can dig up a memory that makes us cry, and some memories exist to serve this purpose. Emotion is an experience we choose to have as sentient beings; but sometimes emotions get out of control, become unhealthy, and even shift into being dangerous.

When emotional pain becomes dangerous, rectifying it is an exhausting journey. Either we control our emotions, or they control us; and the reigns are easy to loose. No matter how deep the water, or how severe the pain, there is a purpose for it. Pain is a message that some part of us needs to be healed. Some hurts come and go, some linger, and some eat us alive.

How do you heal something that won't stop hurting? I wish I could blow you an easy answer like a kiss; but I can't. At times, the pain of healing surpasses the pain itself, and this leads us to avoid coping with our pain at all. Sometimes we don't want to feel better, because there is a part of us which is dependent on, or comforted by our misery.

If you are ready to heal, promise yourself the process will be worth it. Right around the corner, there is someone who loves you; and it is yourself, free from the the torture that ails you now.

We often fight our pain, but it is a futile, losing battle. You must accept how much pain you are in, and cease to resist it. The longer you push it away, and keep it hidden, the longer it owns you. By accepting it's existence in entirety, you own it- therefore you regain control. Once you have accepted and surrendered to your pain, you may only then begin a journey to heal it.

Chances are, you do not know how deep your wounds are. You may believe your pain solely relates to one thing (a death, a break-up, stress, or a trauma); but chronic pain hardly relates to just one instance. Chronic pain has roots which travel deep into your core, and these roots took shape long before today. Perhaps you are living through grief, and so you seek only to heal grief; but this grief branches off from fear, anger, and regret that was rooted in your energy since you were very young. When we can't "get over" something, it is often because what we're "getting over" isn't the actual problem.

Our culture rarely caters to emotional expression or intelligence, because it is too painful and complex a subject for most people to be comfortable with. Those who openly express emotions or empathy are often ridiculed, shamed, or silenced- largely due to the majority of society's inability to cope with their own emotions. This cultural anti-emotion phenomena leads many of with internalized pain we never had a chance to understand; and this smothered pain seethes back into our lives during times of hardship.

To dissolve and heal pain, you must discover it. You must be brave enough to see it, hear it, understand it, and view it without guilt or shame. Part of our human experience is emotion, there is no shame in it- it is beautiful.

Although I enjoy many healing modalities, I have found EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Tapping) is superior for healing emotional disharmony. I became certified as a Holistic EFT Practitioner for my own personal benefit, and was so impressed with my own results, I decided to teach it to others. This technique offers you the ability to discover your emotions, heal yourself, and move forward very quickly and simply. Although it looks a little silly, it's the most effective process I have found. Besides, I like that it looks a little silly, perhaps this even helps with the process. It's pleasant to have a little silly in your life during tough times.

Using EFT to move past pain is simple, it is not easy. Cleaning out a wound to bandage it is often excruciating, and we'd all prefer to avoid that step. Shit, I know I tried. However, it is necessary for healing. It is important to remember that this healing process is temporary, and the results carry on.

I recommend journaling your personal EFT sessions, and following every rabbit down every hole. If you are Tapping for one emotion (such as grief), and another emotion presents itself (such as guilt), follow that rabbit down its hole. Why do I feel guilt? Where does this guilt come from, where did it begin? You should do Tapping for any new emotion that comes up.

Like many other practitioners, I have developed my own processes in utilizing EFT; and I will share them in my instructional videos. These videos will be my gift to those subscribed to my site; and will not be available to the general public for some time. I plan to release my first video in September. For now, I suggest for you to begin journaling about your feelings. Familiarizing yourself with your emotions will give you a big head start in dissolving pain, blocks, and disharmony.

Right around the corner, a new life is waiting for you; and it's everything you imagined and more.

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