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Find a Hero

you are your own hero

We all need a little inspiration. We all need a hero. This doesn't make us any's part of being human. Humans are a social animal; and we are meant to learn from, with, and about each other. Imagine how drab our lives would be if we were all alone, wandering solitary through the jungle like a tiger. Our lives would just be surviving; but humans are meant to thrive.

Who inspires you? What stories do you love to like on Social Media? For me, I simply cannot resist a list, story, or video about Mister Rogers. Every time I see that man's face, my heart fills up and overflows into my throat. Thinking of my Grandmother has a similar effect. If I am truly lost in what actions to take, and I cannot quiet my mind enough to find my compass, I tend to turn to the lessons I learned from these two individuals to guide me until I reach emotional still.

Mister Rogers is the best

Why are we so drawn to "heroes": prophets, speakers, celebrities, deities, etc.? We idolize and study these heroes, often developing religions or social standards revolving around them? Think about your heroes and other people you adore. What qualities of theirs do you celebrate or aspire to? It's very important to break that down for yourself, because what we love most about others is what we love most about ourselves.

We are programmed to be judgmental, predominantly of ourselves. The ability to love, recognize, and celebrate our own hero qualities often alludes us; and we look towards others for an outlet for that self-appreciation we can't quite achieve. Self love can be an exasperating lesson to learn, it is often easier to love someone else. We love, recognize, and celebrate ourselves through others; and to some degree this is healthy, but it can also lead to a compulsive dependency on the virtues of others. Understanding our own worth will always be more beneficial than relying on the worth of others, or waiting for someone to save you. Remember, Life is a Choice, and you are entirely responsible for your own: “Jesus! Take the wheel!” Jesus: “I highly recommend you put your hands back on the wheel, or you will crash.”

So, yes, find a hero; but do not rely on them. Find a hero, and break down why you are attracted to them. Discover through them what is greatest in you, and live your life celebrating those qualities within yourself. Find a hero to learn and know the hero you are. By all means, allow yourself to be inspired; but please take steps towards being your own greatest inspiration- you are worth the attention, adoration, and love.

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