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Do the Answers Matter?

5th dimension ascension

How did earth really form? Which god is the real god? Were we created by aliens? Do the chakras actually have colors? Is the 5th Dimension and New Earth real?

Have I asked my Spirit Guides and Teachers the answers to these questions? Yes. Did I confirm the answers within my circle of teachers, mediums, and elders? Yes. Am I going to share those answers with you?


Why? Because according to the same lovely Spirit Guides who gave me answers to those questions, told me this as well: the answers to these questions do not matter.

It is very rare that I get an answer or response from Spirit that I dislike; largely because one can only effectively receive messages from Spirit while in a state of benevolence. Essentially, I'm in a lovely place of "I don't give a shit" when I'm actively communicating with Spirit, so it's not likely I'll be triggered or upset by any information I receive. However, some of the answers I received to the questions above, and others like them, made me a little... uncomfortable. When someone, anyone, has subscribed to a specific set of beliefs for a long time, hearing their beliefs are invalid is just a wee bit rough.

I had one very unsettling "wee bit rough" moment. I felt like I was suspended in air, stuck in a vertigo of doubt; and because I couldn't accept the answer I received, I quieted my mind to ask again. The answer I received was the same, accompanied with, "The answer to this question does not matter." This double answer was equally upsetting for some time, "How could this answer NOT matter?!" Because it doesn't, it just mattered to ME; and am I so important that something that matters to me matters because it matters to me?

Absolutely not. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT! I'm not important, WE are important. I don't matter, WE matter; and what really matters is that WE coexist harmoniously despite the answers to these questions.

Does it really matter how earth formed? No. Does it matter that we work together to keep earth healthy now? Yes; but we're so busy arguing about that first question, that we aren't focusing on what really matters. Does it matter which god is real, or if any of them are real? Nope, sure doesn't. Does it matter that we allow everyone the same spiritual freedom we want for ourselves? Yes, especially if we want to live in a harmonious world devoid of holy wars. Were we created by aliens? Who gives a shit?! Really, it doesn't matter how/when/if we were created; what matters is what we do with our existence.

It's easy to get into a delusional mind monster cycle where the only hope for harmony is convincing everyone else to believe what you do. Not gonna happen, people. Homogeneity is not the answer to our societal issues, acceptance and tolerance are the answer. So put on your big girl panties; and stop giving a shit about things that don't matter- those things are only distracting you from what's really important.



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