Are you waiting for the dust to settle? Stop it. The dust never settles. The dust is part of life. The dust is proof of life. Stop waiting.

So often we allow ourselves to believe there is a perfect time to get started, or a better time to get started. Amazingly, we all know intuitively that this belief isn't true; but we still fall into this false belief regularly.

"I'll look for a new job once this job settles down a bit." Have you noticed that "this job" never settles down? There's always something new and crazy right around the corner.

"I'll start my own business when the time is right." There are so many people, with so many beautiful ideas; and a lot of those beautiful ideas exist in a state of flux... awaiting entry into existence for the "right time". Sometimes those ideas never get to exist outside of someone's mind.

"I will seek out a relationship once my life is perfect." I am so proud of anyone who believes they can achieve a "perfect" life- when you figure that out, please let me know! How often do we live life alone because we believe we must attain certain achievements to be worthy of partnership? How many great partners do we pass by?

"I will go on vacation when the kids calm down." "I will take care of myself when my elderly relative passes, or becomes healthy again."

"I will ______ when the dust settles."

The dust doesn't settle. Life keeps moving whether or not you choose to move with it; and that movement creates dust.

The only peace you can achieve is within, and the only dust that settles is the dust within you. The dust settles only when we learn to not be a prisoner to outside circumstances, and focus on harmonizing our internal circumstances. Will the outside world still create dust storms? Yes. Will we be dependent on whether or not there is dust? No. It's not as if the dust disappears, we just see it differently. Without internal peace, the dust storms around us feel like brick walls; and once we find peace within, we are awakened to our ability to move through the dust.

Please stop waiting for the dust to settle, it won't. Work on settling your mind, your spirit, and your soul. Once you attain a greater peace of mind, you will glide through the dust, into a new happiness.

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