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energy vampires

Some people have a tendency to hold onto things they don't need, things that no longer serve them. By some people, I mean all people.

Our cycles feel normal because we've often been in them for so long that they ARE normal; but normal doesn't mean "well". Today I am encouraging you to ask yourself, "Am I well? Am I in a cycle, or am I in control of my actions?"

"Am I well?" This is an important question we almost never ask of ourselves. Sure, other people ask us how we're doing; but how often do we just regurgitate a socially acceptable response? Are you well? Are you healthy, happy, whole, sleeping through the night, excited about your path, and feeling aligned with your path?

"Am I in a cycle?" It's not always easy to spot a cycle, because cycles are subconscious. Are you dating a crazy person again? Do you have an evil boss again? Are you broke again? Are you sick again?

"Am I in control of my actions?" If you are deep in a cycle, you're not in control of your actions, your subconscious mind is. Are you doing what you know is right for you? Are you speaking your mind? Are you controlling your habits?

Don't judge your answers, just view them objectively, and decide if you are going to take action. Breaking a cycle isn't always a "pleasant" experience- you're BREAKING something; but how you perceive the process can make a huge difference. Today I am also offering you a new perception on breaking cycles.

Are you stuck in a job with terrible management again?

Tell your boss to get off your f*cking lawn.

Okay, maybe don't actually use those words, it'd be a little rude; but that's how I'm suggesting you mentally view the situation. When you're trying to break a cycle, you are trying to get rid of something that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life. Cycles are just junk on your front lawn, and junk serves no purpose. When faced with a person who is not in alignment with you, you can a) use your words to speak your truth, and try to make things better, b) use your words to state you are leaving, and why you are leaving, or c) change your attitude, and not allow that person to bring you down. You're figuratively kicking that cycle, or that person off your lawn.

Are you dating a crazy person again? Are you suffering through being mistreated again?

Tell your significant other to GET OFF YOUR LAWN.

Did you start drinking too much again?

Tell that cocktail to get off your lawn.

Is your anger or fear holding you back again?

That's right. "GET OFF MY LAWN."

These are the words I want you to hear when you are faced with a cycle that doesn't serve you, a person who is not aligned with you, a habit that is not helping you, or an emotion that holds you back. The next time your boss says, "Uh, Karen, it looks like you were 20 seconds late today", I want you to immediately think, "Get OFF my lawn." When you're reaching for a cocktail or a cupcake you're not supposed to be consuming, I want you to look at it and think, "Get off my lawn!". If your family starts trying to take advantage of you again, "Get off my lawn!", if your boyfriend sleeps with your sister, "Get off my lawn!", even if your kid tries to start bossing you around again...hey, guess what, "GET OFF MY LAWN!"

Sometimes you just have to tell things to get off your lawn.

Have fun!

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