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Do you ever think to yourself, "Why can't this whole life thing be easier?"

Of course you do, because even though life is magical, it also poses some interesting challenges. Some challenges come and go effortlessly; but some have claws which dig deep into us, and effect us weeks, months, or years after their arrival. These challenges aren't really challenges at all, they are traumas; and trauma can cause lasting damage to the human brain. The claws which dig deep into us are actually quantifiable changes in our brain function. I invite you to research how trauma effects the human brain. Understanding what is physically happening in our meat-vehicle often helps us cope and heal.

Trauma effects everyone differently; and not every trauma is traumatic for everyone. It is important to mention that, because we must learn to dispel judgment towards others (and ourselves) suffering a trauma response to something not typically qualifying as traumatic. With that said, regardless of what may be haunting you, I do not judge you. Healing deep wounds is a profound act of bravery, and I hope I can inspire you to be brave.


No healing happens outside of the mind. Again. No healing happens outside of the mind. True healing is holistic, therefore sustainable. You may certainly try to heal any deep traumas with therapy, pills, or neuro-feedback; and utilizing these singular methods may offer you relief for some time, but you will not feel holistically well until you are utilizing your mind to heal yourself. You must take responsibility for your own mind, your own emotions, and your own reactions with regards to healing. Because a good deal of trauma is caused by an aggressor, I am aware that I tread precariously bringing up personal responsibility.

"How could I be responsible for this damage? I did not cause it!"

Precarious or not, your responsibility for yourself is the greatest tool you have to heal yourself; and because my purpose is to facilitate healing and greater awareness, I choose to tread precariously. You may not be responsible for your trauma damage; but you are responsible for healing it, because you are the only one who can.

I spent about 30 years enabling people (including myself), so I fully understand the consequences of allowing someone to stay in a victim mindset, even if they were the victim. My enabling caused a lot more damage in people who were already damaged, therefore I am no longer the person who coo's at someone lying on the floor crying, "Poor baby, this isn't your fault, how dare they hurt you?" I am now the person who says, "Stand up. You can cry, you can feel helpless, you can be angry; but stand up. Take your power back."

Today, I am going to encourage you to stand up, and take your power back. I did this with regards to my own personal traumas; and it was a struggle, but a struggle I am grateful for. If you are emotionally triggered by reading this, please know I understand where you are coming from; and I hope you'll push through your resistance, and continue reading. Achieving peace and well-being are well within your power. Your power is the ability to control your mind, become consciously aware of your thoughts, and create new thoughts to help you heal.

You may not be the person who hurt you, but you may be the person who is choosing to live in the story of your past traumas. When we let our negative past experiences permeate throughout our present life, that allows the energy of those negative experiences to attract similar experiences. Like attracts like. Furthermore, you may be negatively effecting the people you love by remaining stuck in your trauma story. I hurt people by remaining stuck in my trauma story, and I did so by treating them like they were the person who hurt me. My actions at the time were entirely unconscious; and that was to be expected, because it is almost impossible to live consciously within a "story". The good news is, we have the power to change our energy, therefore change what we attract into our lives; and with simple mind control techniques and self-healing, we can heal and reprogram our brains.

Running Eagle, my Healing Teacher, has offered me an visualization exercise to heal trauma. I will be posting a video of this guided exercise soon; but for now, you can see a list of things to be consciously aware of, and simple ways to help heal below. If you'd like to check out my other guided healing videos, utilizing EFT, you can see them here.

1) The first step is being brave enough to heal, and being willing to let go of your story.

2) Meditate.

3) It is likely you are remaining stuck in your story because you are "narrating" it daily- either in your mind, or out loud. If you are consistently finding opportunities to "narrate" your trauma in your mind or to others, this action is not a release of disharmonic energy, it is a perpetuation of disharmonic energy.

4) Narrate your present, objectively, not your past. Bring yourself into the "now" as often as possible.

5) Do writing exercises to decipher why you may be holding onto the past.

6) Do writing exercises to decipher how you want to feel in the future.

7) Practice self-healing daily! Take a few moments every day to visualize white light moving through your entire body.

8) Use EFT to release negative emotions - be willing to let them go!

9) Actively monitor your thoughts; and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Begin believing that you are powerful. You are the combination of your infinite spirit, and a physical body capable of being healed. Inside you, there is an intelligent consciousness that can alter your physical body, and merge the physical with the non-physical. Stand up, and take your power back.

body mind spirit

Love and light,

Rev. Meg

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