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Vulnerable. This was a four letter word to me for a very long time. How could I possibly benefit from being exposed? Defenseless.

Vulnerability is one of my life lessons.

The purpose of life is to learn, to experience, to grow, and to evolve. We choose lessons and experiences for ourselves to facilitate our spiritual evolution. Life is a choice, and we choose what we learn.

I remember learning what my chosen life lessons were. I chose three main lessons; but I only know two (if you're ever peeved you can't get certain information from Spirit, just know that they don't tell me everything either). The first lesson I discovered was compassion, and I was content with this lesson. Truly, I was excited to unravel the programming and blocks I had which hindered me from being authentically compassionate. 

...but...vulnerability. When I heard "vulnerability" as a life lesson, not only was my ego triggered, my ego grew it's own pet ego, and THAT ego was triggered too. Vulnerability? Fuck that. I'm not doing that.

That was me, in real life, nearly my whole life, until about 6 years ago.

Now, 6 years later, I encourage you to be vulnerable. Please learn to allow yourself to be vulnerable; but first, let's talk about what "vulnerability" translates to in a spiritual sense.

Vulnerable, as defined in the dictionary, is being "susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm". This doesn't sound very appealing. Vulnerable, in a spiritual sense, is more so being "susceptible to anything and everything". This doesn't sound very appealing either. 

I assure you, vulnerability is appealing; but one cannot comprehend the appeal until they are there. Until they are vulnerable. Chances are, if you are blocking anything, you're blocking everything. Vulnerability does not mean you allow the world to attack you at will. Vulnerability is allowing everything to move towards you, giving you the opportunity and freedom to accept or deny whatever is presented to you.

What keeps you from being vulnerable? Is it fear of pain, conflict, or failure? Perhaps you are so sensitive to energy that vulnerability feels overwhelming? Do you not trust your ability to choose wisely if you open the doors for everything and anything? For me, vulnerability seemed impossible due to all those factors. I painstakingly avoided pain, conflict, and failure.  My natural energetic sensitivity was overwhelming until I learned to control it. Mostly, I was not brave enough to be vulnerable because I did not trust myself to be capable of good choices. I lived invulnerably for a very long time.

We miss out on a lot when we live in a state of invulnerability. The truest love can only exist within vulnerability. Truth itself is connected to vulnerability. Gratitude, humility, awareness, higher consciousness, and intention ....without vulnerability, these qualities are lack luster as best. Our conscious connection to Spirit, Source, God, the Universe is dependent on our vulnerability. To attempt to communicate with Spirit in a state of invulnerability is like taking a jog underwater.

I could not be who I am today had I not chosen to learn vulnerability. My connection to Spirit would be dull; and I could not help others through Spirit, or fulfill my purpose. There is freedom in vulnerability, and I am freer than I have ever been. I encourage you to liberate yourself from fear, and choose vulnerability.

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