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There has been a common thread in most of my conversations lately: uncertainty. So common, I felt guided to write about it. As I was sitting down to write this, feeling out the subject of uncertainty, I realized that uncertainty wasn't just a common thread in my conversations lately ... it's a common thread all the time.

Most of the concerns which are presented to me revolve around uncertainty, almost all of them. "Will I meet a partner?" "Will my house sell?" "What will happen in the future?" "What should I do?" "What will they do?" "I don't know how to start this." "I don't know how to end this." All of MY concerns revolve around uncertainty. The moment I sat down to write this, my mind exploded- uncertainty is the human collective's Kryptonite.

limiting beliefs

How did we become so afraid of the unknown? Were we always this afraid? What about uncertainty causes so much discomfort?

Questions like the ones above are beautifully answered by my guide, Mychael. I have found great solace and wisdom in asking Spirit big questions. When I asked Mychael these questions, this is what he had to say:

"Our fear is our biology. In the beginning stages of mankind, the only uncertainty we feared was lack of food, water, and safety; and only in the case there was a lack of these things. This was when we were wise enough to know these things were the only things to be concerned about, but we were also not advanced enough to be wise about a great many other things.

As we evolved throughout thousands and thousands of years, our knowledge and wisdom grew, but our fear of lack grew as well. We began to fear the lack of many things, at times things that were not in lack at all. This can all be connected back to our biology. We are advanced enough to move past this fear of lack, but only by taking advantage of our evolution of mind.

Fear will always create discomfort. Discomfort is not caused, it is created. It is created within the human mind. Even in the event that discomfort is the creation of a physical ailment, this discomfort can be subdued by the human mind, should we choose to control it."

Human beings are creators, this is true. We create energy, technology, living spaces, rules, and nearly everything not naturally existing on earth. ...but discomfort? Yes, I suppose we create discomfort too; and fear, anger, war, guilt, remorse shame... We create a lot of things which hold us back, block us, and trip us.

We do not create uncertainty, uncertainty is the nature of most everything; but we do create all of the negative emotions which surround uncertainty. Because we have labeled uncertainty to be negative, we often unconsciously prevent ourselves from creating something positive. We can't fix uncertainty, it is the natural condition of most everything. The future doesn't exist. The present casts a shadow in front of it; but that shadow, the future, is not cast in stone.

Here's the good news. We can fix our thoughts. We can fix our emotions. We can dedicate ourselves to learning how to control our minds. When we actively choose to control our minds, we can truly begin to create positive things, versus creating discomfort around uncertainty.

Mind control is how we decrease or dissolve the things which hold us back, block us, and trip us; but how do we learn to create positive things for our future despite not having a guarantee on the outcome? How do we know which direction to go? When to start? What to do?

Connection. Spiritual Connection.

The more connected we are to Spirit and our intuition, the more easily we flow effortlessly into planning and living our future. There are far less daunting questions when you're connected. When connected, sometimes our questions aren't questions at all anymore- questions become directives.

"Which direction do I go?!"

"I will find which direction to go. I will decide which direction to go."

I did myself an extraordinary service years ago when I dedicated myself to controlling my mind and connecting with Spirit. I'm not stating this to show off, I'm stating this to show you it can be done. If a kooky blonde girl trying not to cuss all the time can do it, so can you.

As a recovering Type-A personality, it took awhile for me to fully embrace following my intuition. My higher consciousness dragged me kicking and screaming like an angry kid leaving a playground, friends.

spiritual awakening

Now, I follow my intuition always...sometimes I lag, admittedly; but I always follow it. Its always right. Does my mind monster still try to interfere? You bet. Oh, you bet it does!

"Listen to your left brain. Don't follow your heart, it's not the central nervous system, it doesn't think. What you're doing doesn't make any sense, and it's too risky. You shouldn't do what you love, or what you want, you should do what you have to. Aren't you worried about failing? What will people think about what you're doing? What if you're probably going to fail. Think inside the box, stay inside the maze. You're not good enough. You're not strong enough."

What do we do when our ego, our mind monster, tries to talk over our intuition? We run. We focus on our intuition, and we run towards wherever it is pointing us. Uncertainty be damned! This life is finite! Life is far too short to swim in a sea of questions, when we can learn to control our minds, connect to Spirit, and turn our questions into directives.

"What's next?!"

"I am going to discover what's next. I am going to create what's next."

You are a creator. Create what you want, or die trying. Don't worry, you'll likely be back again after that to do this all over again.

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