Afraid To Love

afraid to love

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. This holiday is dreaded by some, adored by others, or ignored (usually) by me. I have never been a big fan of this uber commercialized holiday, but I realize it holds a lot of meaning for others. For many, this holiday is a reminder that they are alone. I didn't write this for those of you who are single, specifically. I wrote this for everyone, because even people in relationships can relate to the topic: being afraid to love.

Loving is every single human being's purpose.

One more time.

Loving is every single human being's purpose.

Regardless of your other life lessons and planned experiences in this, your purpose in every life is the giving and receiving of love. Why do we choose to learn this in every incarnation? Because it's not an easy lesson, to say the least. Love is something we must practice over and over again. Furthermore, we choose to learn it every life because our lives would be empty without it. Love is a vital energetic nutrient in our every day lives.

Love is the center of attention in our society- it permeates through our TV shows, movies, advertisements, and more. It seems as if everyone loves love, seeks love, and wants love; but so many people are afraid of love. Afraid to love. Even though people may be seeking a relationship, or in a relationship, they often fall short of loving.