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Crossing Over

what is dying like

"We do not often think of death. We pass by it casually every day, averting our eyes, at times denying the inevitable. What a beautiful thing, dying. It is not something to ignore or abhor, it is a celebration, a return. The loss of a physical body, and the gain of clearer consciousness. The cycle of life is beautiful."


This Global pandemic has shined a light on many things people tend to ignore: our fragile economic structure, our reactive natures, greed, unprepared governments, ignorance, the toxicity of our environment, the congestion of Earth's population, and the dangers of our animal agriculture industry- to name a few. With every pandemic, a light shines on all of these elements; and we have turned away many times. It is apparent, it was time for us to truly see what was hidden and ignored; and we will grow and change greatly from this experience.

Death and dying has likely been on your mind lately. Mortality has a light shining upon it. Death is usually hidden or ignored element, but now it's attracting a lot of attention, and causing the most fear during this pandemic. Many people face mortality, and view it negatively; but what is negative, truly, about death? What is so repulsive about crossing over?

I asked my Spirit Teacher Mychael about death, and the feelings that surround it. This entity moves in often to speak to transitions and change, and offers insight to release fear about them. I knew his response would be wise.

"We become attached, mentally, to our bodies. Our brains, our minds, tell us that we need this body. That we are nothing without it.

The human body is revered in society, it is painted, and photographed, and looked upon adoringly. We enjoy our bodies, they make it possible for us to live physical lives, they help us achieve enlightenment.

We begin to believe our bodies are who we are, so the concept of letting them go, it is quite painful.

When we see others in pain, in suffering, we suffer with them; but often instead of feeling this pain with compassion, we move into a state of anger, of fright, because the anger and fright distracts us from our sadness. It distracts us from recognizing and accepting our own mortality.

You, on earth, are on a path. This path is finite. It must be. Your path spiritually is not finite, it is infinite. There is nothing solemn about a human being passing over. It is the path of life. The solemness is created by the living, the living in resistance of the path of life. The living in resistance to loss.

This resistance can be diminished by spending time in meditation, detaching from the mind. It can be diminished with love, a love of life. For truly to love something we must love all of it; and dying is a part of life itself."


Most of you are hyper aware of Spirit Side, and some of you are in direct communication with people who have crossed over. Nearly everyone reading this knows there is life after death, so you and I may not be as negatively affected by death as others. It is always sad to lose someone we love, this is true; but knowing the Spirit is infinite certainly helps bring us some peace.

Some peace... but now is not the time to grasp onto "some peace", now is a time to heal. One of the key indicators of a "healing time" is a circumstance which shines light brightly on painful aspects of ourselves, the collective, or life in general. Globally, we are experiencing one of these circumstances now, and it is glaringly obvious: it is a healing time.

In order to execute an effective healing, many factors must be in place: focus, belief, intention, connection, etc.; but I will draw your attention to one single factor. To heal, one must be able to completely and neutrally recognize a disharmony, and see past it to where the harmony is. Consider tuning an instrument, one must pluck an out of tune string, then match it to the tune it is supposed to make.

One cannot completely and neutrally recognize a disharmony if there is any ignorance or resistance present. So, before I proceed, I encourage you to release any negativity or resistance towards death, at least in this moment.

In my blog, Afraid to Love, we brought up that people aren't afraid to love, they're afraid of pain, hence leading to an avoidance of loving. So perhaps most people are not afraid of death, they are simply afraid of pain; but the pain of dying is different than the pain of loving, for the most part. If death and dying make you squeamish or afraid, consider these possibiltles below.

Are you afraid of physical pain? Perhaps death frightens you because the possibility of a painful death seems too harsh to stomach. Of course, this is understandable! Most people make a point to avoid physical pain! In the case that this fear of pain resonates with you, know you have the power to mentally detach death from pain. Then you can work towards dissolving fear of pain. We can dissolve nearly any fear by practicing meditation daily, using methods like EFT, and by connecting to Spirit.

Are you afraid you'll run out of time? Maybe you're afraid you won't experience everything you want, or accomplish what you want? Do you have looming regrets now: shoulda, woulda, coulda's? If so, death may seem a bit like your mother calling you off the playground before you're "ready". In this case, again, first mentally detach death from fear of fractionality. Secondly, determine if you are actively pursuing what you're afraid to miss out on! Are you doing anything to rectify your FOMO? Everyone knows you fix FOMO with YOLO. Start doing what you want to be doing if you're not already doing it! Do you want to go sky diving? Do it. Do you want to start a charity? Do it. Do you want to heal a broken relationship? Do it. What is keeping you from living your dreams, and is it worth giving up your dreams for?

Are you afraid to You are only you in this life, and you'll be someone else in another. I am Meaghan, but only for this life; and after I cross I will release this "character", returning to the pure, nameless entity "I" truly am. Is the idea of losing your identity discomforting? Although it is important to be invested in "you", it is also mindful to consider yourself as more than a name in earth's record books. In the case of this fear, the fear of losing one's identity, detachment is the solution. Mychael gave me a beautiful definition for detachment: "Detachment is the recognition of what is inevitable, the recognition of what is uncertain, and the acceptance of both these things."

Consider why you may be squeamish about or afraid of death. Allow yourself to explore this topic while this light brightly shines upon it during this time. What are you afraid of, what can you do, and what can't you do? If there is nothing you can do, it's time to practice meditation and detachment. If there is something you can do, it's time to practice meditation and action. Start all healing with meditation and gratitude- meditation and gratitude are the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Join me next week for a free guided visualization on detachment and gratitude. Check out free Workshops for the week here.

I love you, everyone, with my everything! Be well, and choose happiness.

Rev. Meg


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