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I am Everything

I am everything

I am everything.

You are everything.

We are everything.

I am not important, and neither are you; but we are. We are important, and we are everything.

You've likely learned by now: a catastrophe of any kind is karmically designed to show us a better way of living, a better way of being. There are small catastrophes, big catastrophes, personal catastrophes, and community catastrophes. Right now, we are experiencing a global catastrophe; and a lot of people are missing the obvious road signs pointing us in the direction of a better way of living, a better way of being.

Why are we missing the signs? The same reasons we ever miss the signs: greed, fear, panic, ignorance, and ego. In short, we're missing the signs because we're distracted.

This is a hoax.

The government is trying to control us.

We're all going to die, we all have to hide.

This is the Left's fault.

This is the Right's fault.

Bill Gates is the devil.

Trump is the devil.

My children, whom I'm homeschooling, are the devil.

She isn't wearing a mask!

I won't wear a mask!

This virus was released by the New World Order.

THEY are out to get me.

THIS VIRUS is out to get me.





Fox News.

Stop it. Why you hittin' yourself, stop hittin' yourself! Stop. Turn off the TV. Put your phone down. Breathe, think about what you're going to think about, and start with this thought:

What, for me, is a better way of living? What, for me, is a better way of being?

Don't worry about what the Karen's are doing. Never mind what ANY ONE else but you is doing.

What, for me, is a better way of living? What, for me, is a better way of being?

The distractions out there are tempting, they are. Why would I consider bettering myself and my life when I can watch hours of cat videos on Youtube?! I empathize, I do; but here's the thing, this is a pivotal moment in history- where do you want to be on the other side of the pivot? In truth, with a greater perspective; or in delusion, with a filtered perception? Remember that truth begins within you, it begins with your ability to honestly observe, analyze, and heal yourself. It is nearly impossible for anyone to see the truth of the outside, if they cannot (or refuse to) see the truth on the inside. Practice self acceptance and self love, you deserve no less. Self acceptance and self love make self observation and healing a whole hell of a lot easier.

I received a message in light trance from Running Eagle a little during a workshop called, "What's real?" It is a workshop I hosted specific to the growing fear based conspiracy theories revolving around COVID-19.

When I listened to the message later on, it moved me. I cried, and I am not a crier, folks. I have included his message in this blog, because his message is the Road Sign pointing us in the direction of a better way of living, a better way of being. I am everything, you are everything, we are everything; and we can change everything. We are not separate, we are together...whether we like it or not.

Running Eagle | What’s real | 04.25

Image: A hand picks an aloe leaf off the plant, and peels it open to use on skin, then places this used leaf back into the ground, where it eventually grows roots.

“Consider this particular plant with regards to healing, with the regards to the treatment of any particular disease even. Notice how this solution is sustainable. You will very likely not run out of this plant. It is reusable. And so in this way you can consider energy, universal healing energy. It has many words that have been created to describe it.

Mahopa, which was the word for it in my culture when I was in this life [as Running Eagle], Reiki, Chi, Prana. Many words used to describe the same thing, much as the Inuit have many words for snow; but do know, that these words all represent the same thing. There is no differentiation as many people choose to believe. Remember that there is no differentiation to nearly anything in this world. There is no differentiation between you and any other human being, other than your physical body, perhaps slight personality or physical differences; but you are all human beings. You are all spiritual entities upon a path towards evolution. Towards entering the universe as a whole. We are all working around our own individual entities, and identities in order to one day become completely identity-less. This is the goal of evolution, and we must have a singular identity to make this possible; but in all reality there is no differentiation between nearly anything. There is only energetic truth, and everything else that falls along the wayside. So, in this image and in these words there are two very valuable lessons.

The first being that you and every other being on this earth always has the availability and access to the purest healing energy at any time; and it is far more effective, when used properly with focus of mind, than anything which will ever be physically developed on earth. And this is a truth I wish for you to take with you this day- that despite how advanced the human culture becomes, in science and in medicine, and in healing, there will never be anything more effective than utilizing healing energy. In which we will see magnificent advances in, in the future when people have more time and more knowledge in teaching others how to develop it; and even harness it outside the human mind. There will be great discoveries here; but it is very important that you know this because it is important that you understand your great power in healing, and your ability to utilize this great healing energy which is more effective than nearly anything else, depending on the ability to control the mind.

And secondly, the great lesson we learn from all of this is that we are all the same. There is a call to unify all people now. To not separate between Prana or Reiki or Chi or Prayer or whatever it is within the mind that any individual human being has identified as being correct, as being right. There is a call to unify now to understand that we speak always of the same things in multiple different words, and to embrace this. Embrace those who have different beliefs than you.

We are convinced that, should we separate and find others that believe exactly what we believe, that this is the answer. That this is unifying, and we feel this way because we are entering a group of like minded people. Unifying like minded people. But this mindset which has grown stronger not weaker, over the last few decades, in fact, has been separating the human collective more. It has been separating us more so than we have ever been separated before. This is something that is not exactly easy to see, and we were missing it in physical bodies upon earth. We were missing the separation.

You were not seeing it, you were seeing great laws and orders that were put into place to cease discrimination for instance; and we were seeing these words on papers, these words, these numbers, and not seeing the truth. Which is why you have seen such a great divide occur, not just within your nation but in many others. Politically especially. This is the mirror which is necessary for all people to understand and see how dire the separation between human beings has become. How separate, how conflicted we have become; and so, after many years of viewing this mirror of how divided, how separate, how conflicted we have become, now you have been blessed in this moment to have time.

To have time to reconcile any disharmony within you, to reconcile any judgment you may have on people who are different than you. Who use different words to say the same things. Energy, Chi, Reiki, Prana, God, Source, Universe, Angels. These are all words, and they are only words; but what they represent, this is what is real. And so remember that within this moment in time you have a unique opportunity to not just disband the judgments you may have against others, but reconcile them within you so that we may move forward stronger. But you also have the ability now to have the time to harness healing energy to do so, to help you reconcile these things within you, so that you can use it not only to heal yourself, but also heal others.

And true healing can only come from a state of neutrality of benevolence, compassion, and of love. So one of the greatest things that keeps us as a collective from utilizing this energy to our highest and best good is in fact all of the things we have been ignoring. Our separatism, our hatred, our judgment, our dividing one another from each other. So please do remember that you are powerful beings, and your greatest power is energy, and your greatest power is love; and it has been spoken a great many times, and it has been ignored more times than it has been spoken. But I am sure if you can take a moment to look around you, it is quite obvious that it can no longer be ignored. And please do be the people who take this step upward, take this step to reconcile these beliefs within you. To facilitate great love, and to facilitate great healing, to harness healing energy. To accept the words that are spoken by a great many people, all represent the same thing; and you will find yourself liberated. Liberated of the mind; and therefore will gain greater control of it, greater access to healing energy, and greater ability to connect with Spirit. That you may move forward on your path more fulfilled, more joyful.

Please do take this with you, and do not take it with shame. We are on a journey together, and in order to decipher where to put a foot on a path, at times we must put it in the wrong place; and at times we must twist an ankle so that we remember not to put it there again. We are all but human beings that have been taught a great many lies along the way, but these lies are missteps that show us the right way. They are ever so valuable. So do not take these words in shame, take them in pride. Take them in pride, and allow yourself to garnish the negative thoughts in your mind so that you can be truly happy; because you are worthy of that happiness, just as everyone else is.”

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