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Perfect Makeup

Do you have your happy face on today?

Did you check all your boxes today?

Were you your best today?

Did you please people today?

Were you in a su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious mood today?

Did you get everything done today?

Were you looking good today?

Did you mess up today?

Was today perfect? Were you perfect today?


The desire to be "perfect" is stronger in some than others, but it exists within all of us. The desire for life and all it's moving parts to work "perfectly" is a collective desire as well. Everyone's opinions on what "perfection" is vary widely; but we all seem to be striving for "perfection", and it's driving us all to crazy town.

When considering perfectionism, it's important to break down where it comes from- expectations. There are many expectations set for us when we are children, and these expectations often govern the majority of our perfectionism. We grow up, more expectations are set for us, and we adjust our perfectionism accordingly to succeed; but what is success? Success is yet another expectation, another opinion. Why do these expectations and opinions have such a strong hold on us?

The subconscious mind.

To dismantle perfectionism, we must first dismantle the programs which lurk in our subconscious. In order to dismantle the programs in our subconscious, we must discover what they are, and where they began.

Who programmed you, and when? What programs do you have installed in your subconscious, driving you to attempt to achieve a false "perfection"? Do you have to look pretty all the time? Do you have to be the best? Does everything have to happen in an orderly, perfect fashion? Do you have to always say the right thing? Does everyone have to like you? Do you hate making mistakes?

What are your "Perfection Programs", and where did they come from? Once you determine what they are, work towards releasing them with meditation, EFT, and self healing.

Then comes the fun part!!! What do YOU want? How do YOU want to be? Do you really need to be perfect? Does the world really need to be perfect? Do the people around you really need to be perfect? ....are all these things (gasp) already perfect?! Has life been imperfectly perfect all along, but you were missing it because your programs told you otherwise?

You are the way you are for a reason. The world is the way it is for a reason. The human race, individually and collectively, is evolving. Evolution is fluid, karmic, and....slow, sometimes. Give yourself, and everyone else, some slack! Refocus on your passions, life lessons, and energetic law. Take a deep breath, and know- you are perfect, you've been perfect all along.

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