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How did I become a Psychic Medium?

How do you "become" a psychic medium? It's mostly on accident (lol)

I get this question a lot, "How did you become a psychic medium?", or "How did THIS happen to you?"

The story can be told quickly, but it isn't a short story. The more I expand my consciousness, the more I realize that my journey towards Spiritual Counseling didn't start at age 28 like I had previously thought. The journey started the moment my Spirit entered the womb; and so much of my life was designed to lead me here.

I designed my life, on Spirit Side, to become Reverend Meg. Every time I think that, the love I feel wells up as little puddles in my eyes. I'm not crying, you're crying... All the love coming from within me is there to remind me I'm right on track, and that I am doing what I designed my life to support. I allow the love within me, the love which exists within all of us, to support me. Love vaporizes fear, doubt, subconscious ego battles, and anything else threatening to hold us back. Always start any new journey with self love, my friends, it will sustain and support you when nothing else can.

So how did it happen? How did I become Reverend Meg? We'll start at age 28 because that's when the magic started to happen.

In a nut shell...the smallest nut shell ever...

...about a week after I turned 28, I was driving to work.

I hated this job, and I had grown to hate the industry. I hated the 30 mile drive, I hated the company, and I hated peoples' values. You can see a theme, right? I hated everything.

I had always been a cheerful person, and I still was at this time; but now everything I had been repressing for 28 years was starting to bubble up to the surface for me to face, except I wasn't facing it. I had lost hope for people, and was in a constant battle: I loved people so much, but I hated how backwards they could be. I couldn't see how backwards I was; but the universe was about to throw a wrench into the BS machine that was my life, and show me.

On this drive, I was particularly bothered. I was going over all the drama from work and life in my head, trying desperately to fix the unfixable. Yes, sometimes things are unfixable, because they aren't meant to be. Just let those things break, and fall away.

On this drive, I suddenly blacked out and became nearly paralyzed at 70 mph. I never lost consciousness, so I had the honor of panicking the entire near-blind attempt to pull over safely. I had the honor of bearing full witness to my body and Spirit shutting me down. I had the honor of being conscious and awake as the Universe threw a wrench in my BS machine. I had the full honor of being completely aware of my complete lack of control over my drooling, twitching body hunched over in a car pulled over sideways on the highway.

I had more similar instances.

My driver's license got pulled.

I lost my job.

I lost my apartment.

I gained a clean slate, and a new life.

I was on the wrong (wrong wrong wrong) path, and my Higher Consciousness (with help from my Brigade) aggressively pushed me off that path.

After a series of these attacks, two of which *should* have killed me, I couldn't THINK like I could before. My brain was different. My nervous system was different. Vertigo was a very regular part of my days until I was 30 years old. In those two years of vertigo, chiropractics, neurofeedback, and natural medicine, I realized who I was not.

Because my brain was working differently... I could hold up the same blocks for non-physical energy anymore... the blocks I had up since I was about 8 years old. I had been blocking non-physical entities and intuition to the best of my ability since I was a kid. Why? Jeez, pick a number, any number:

1) They started to scare me the clearer they became when I was growing up.

2) I grew up in Bible School... seeing Spirits and having good intuition isn't exactly something cheered on in Bible School.

3) I knew I was weird, and that made me sad when I was a kid.

Ps. I'm all about my weirdness now!!!

Discovering who you are truly is just discovering who you are not: letting go of everything that isn't you, and detaching from what other people think about you.

The new job I *accidentally* got gave me the perfect place to become Reverend Meg. It was completely different than my former career path, and I loved every second of it. Although I thought I'd be there a couple months, I ended up being there for five years...and one day. This new job was in lovely Encinitas, California. Encinitas is a very Spiritual town filled with broken people trying to heal.

For the first time, I was introduced to Spirituality outside of books. I was raised Lutheran, went to Bible School, and absolutely hated religion, religious people, and Spirituality in general. Looking back, this is always the most comical part of my journey- the least likely person in my family to enter a church became a Minister. Although I was still uncomfortable about Spirituality in general, I just couldn't fight the urge to explore it. To explore myself.

It's important to mention the three key players in my awakening: the new job in Encinitas, my ex-husband, and the Chapel of Awareness.

The job.

How could a job be that important? We spend about one third of our lives working, that's how. Never underestimate the power of a job. Cassandra (my main guide) calls this job "rehabilitation". I not only rehabilitated there, I recovered myself there- against all odds. Those five years of my life showed me how much I was capable of, how far I could push myself, and how brave I could be. It was the first time I was passionate about anything; and although this job completely wore me down, it's also what lifted me up.

This "rehab" was where I learned how to not be the "hero", to use my voice, and to stop giving my power away. The first time I saw Paul (my Joy Guide) was while I was working there. It was a magical place, at least it was to me. This job showed me all my BS on a big screen with surround sound. You must be willing to see your BS, people; and you must be willing to stop obsessing over everyone else's BS to do it. Your BS, your shadows, show you what to heal in you.

After five years of 60-70 hour work weeks, I peeled myself away to become Reverend Meg. This was perhaps the most incredible part of the journey, because after five years of 60-70 hour work weeks in a small town... everyone knows you, but only in context. So, I completely detached from the community to become Reverend Meg, because I knew I had to surrender and detach from the identity everyone handed me. It took over three years for folks to stop recognizing me as, "Meg from that job".

The Ex-Husband.

Gotta love 'em, am I right?

My ex-husband was a "soul contract", someone we choose to live with and learn from before we incarnate. One of my first Spiritual experiences as an adult happened moments before I met him for the first time; although I didn't know it was a Spiritual experience then. As I was driving to meet him, my mind became completely clear, I saw everything visually completely clearly, I heard everything around me completely clearly, I felt everything completely clearly...even my butt in the seat. My ears started ringing. I couldn't think, all I could do was experience EVERYTHING in real time. This experience was quick, a flash. This was a moment of temporary enlightenment, complete clarity- something important is happening. It was strange; but as I emerged from this flash, all I could think was, "I should get a decaf coffee when I meet this guy, because apparently I've had too much caffeine."

It's no wonder this moment occurred as powerfully as it did. My ex and I have lived many lives together, and our agreement in this life was to wake each other up. Waking each other up was not an easy task; but let me tell ya, we checked that damn box.

We checked that box, and it was painful.

We had three beautiful years of parties, vacations, and being best friends; and then we had two years of trudging through childhood trauma, energetic blocks, and reopening wounds we had both buried under happy faces and willful ignorance.

It was fucking ugly, folks; and our relationship fell apart faster than a soggy taco. I'll save you the details; but I will say, towards the end, I woke up and fell asleep legitimately wanting to die. I did die, in a way. Everything I truly was not died, and everything I was survived.

Pain is the most common catalyst for awakening, and I owe my awakening to the pain he caused me. He owes his awakening to the pain I caused him. I love him, not only for the amazing time we had as best friends, but for the awakening time we had as enemies. I loved him so deeply, and I still do in a way. I love him in a way you only can when you've lived multiple lives with someone.

My ex woke me up. It was within this relationship I began to see Paul, my joy guide. One would presume, if they begin to see DEAD PEOPLE while in a soggy taco painful enemy marriage that one's spouse would tell them they were totally nuts; but he didn't, somehow he knew it was real. He knew it was real because his intuition knew it was his job, it was his job to wake me up.

We're both in alignment now, not with each other, although we still speak. We still share what's happening in our jobs, within our romantic partnerships, and within our families. For those of you who have let go of painful relationships, please know: you do not have to be hateful. The hatred will eat you alive, and block your Spiritual development. Be willing to love those who have hurt you from a distance, because this will feed your energy.

Chapel of Awareness.

A Message from Tau Sing (Main Guide of Rev. Gene Larr, Co-Founder of Chapel of Awareness)

December, 1997

“Through all time, the great spiritual leaders have been saying the same teaching; but as time had slipped by, these truths have been almost destroyed by the dogma added by mankind. Almost all the additions and deletions have diluted or destroyed what the original teacher was trying to say. In many cases these changes were made by the priesthood to gain control over the populace. This has produced the fanaticism we witness today … an action that no enlightened teacher would have approved. The true information is simple and very straightforward; and is easily followed. Keeping these truths in their pure forms is a must for mankind to live a full and rewarding life.”

Remember that job I got in Encinitas? That job happened to be right down the street fro Chapel of Awareness; but as it works for most people, I didn't see or notice Chapel of Awareness until it was the right time.

Towards the end of my marriage, I began regularly seeing a Spiritual Counselor (you can check her out here if you want, she's rad). That's a story all on it's own; but to keep my story in a nutshell: one day she gets a message- it's important you go to school for this (psychic mediumship), that's what's going to work for you.

After I got that message, I took to Google. "What do I even Google? Psychic School?!"

I Googled "psychic school", and Chapel of Awareness pops right up. I laughed o

ut loud, because I had been passing that place nearly every damn day for YEARS, and had never once noticed it.

I cannot even begin to express how awkward it felt to walk into a church. I refused being a bridesmaid once because the wedding was in a church. It's important to express: I was anti-religion and anti-spiritual before my awakening. Pretty funny, right? I walked into the church, half expecting to catch fire, sat down... and it felt like home. I recognized everything. I recognized people I had never met. I recognized the smell of the building. I cried when I got back to my car after service, and I didn't know why.

Think of Chapel of Awareness as a pool. I saw that pool, ran like hell, and jumped right in- absolutely knowing... this is it. I started classes with the intention of moving all the way through to ordination; and about four years later, the girl who refused to enter a church became a minister at one. Pretty funny, right?


I designed my life, on Spirit Side, to become Reverend Meg; but I also designed my life, on Spirit Side, to be everything and everyone I was up until becoming Reverend Meg. Remember, the only part about life which is truly linear is biological aging. We're not necessarily designed to walk in a straight line.

Follow your intuition. Develop your intuition. Follow your heart. Open your heart. Trust in Spirit. Connect with Spirit.

Yes, I spend most of my waking life communicating and connecting with Spirit; but I'm not special. I'm a kooky blonde chick trying very hard not to cuss all the time, and even harder to leave the world a better place that I came into.

You can develop your intuition. You can connect with Spirit. You can move into alignment. You too can be guided.

I love you.

Love, Rev. Meg

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