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The Ultimate Spiritual Wellness Program

Do you find yourself searching for higher purpose and peace?

Do you want to live your life happily, no matter what is happening in the world?

Are you overwhelmed by the congestion of Spiritual information? 

Do you find yourself struggling to resonate with Spiritual teachings that used to inspire you?


Do you desire to know, love, and accept yourself on the deepest level?

Do you want to develop a deeper connection with your higher consciousness and Spirit?

Are you ready and willing to live fearlessly and aligned, attracting great love and abundance?

Do you want to stop negative cycles which block your love, joy, love, and connection?


  • Develop the ability to experience, release, and control your emotions in a healthy way.

  • Discover and dissolve Triggers and inauthentic parts of yourself at a deep level.

  • Live peacefully and powerfully as an empath.

  • Release victim mentality thoughts and actions.

  • Learn energetic and spiritual law, devoid of fear based dogma or fantasy folklore.

  • Clear the fog of misinformation, societal programing, and delusion.

  • Ground in your own intuition, outside of the congested Spiritual information highway.

  • Develop healthy boundaries with others.

  • Strengthen your connection to Spirit Guides and your Higher Consciousness.

  • Fearlessly create a line of communication between you and Spirit.

  • Foster and adopt trust in self and the Universe.

Nearly everything we do is an effort to find happiness; but we will unconsciously seek this through our attachments. We pay for programs to make more money because we attach happiness to money. We pay for certain clothes and accessories because we attach happiness to looking good. We  attach our happiness to our goals and other people.


So many programs depend on strengthening our attachments. Attachment is dependency and codependency. It manifests as "if’s" and "when’s": I’ll be happy if, I’ll be complete when. Attachment is based in negative emotions, stories, and roles. Achieving goals is positive; but when we attach our happiness to them, we cannot have sustainable joy.

Happiness is an inside job. Genesis is a program which exists for the sole purpose of helping you do that inside job. Will it enable you to attract abundance? Likely so, but that isn't the point. Genesis teaches us when we allow ourselves to do the inside job, and become our highest and best self, we naturally attract our highest and best life.

Genesis is a 12 month Spiritual Development program, co-created by Reverend Meg and her guides. It follows a specific trajectory to help you heal your ego at the deepest level, so you can sustainably and consistently live your pathway in greater alignment, joy, confidence, and connection.

“Turning point!  A genuine, simple and transformational course to deep healing and awakening.” - Dr. Keila


"Evolution. Revelation. Spiritual and Psychological Enlightenment" - Min


“Genesis is a practical, motivational, and transformational journey towards your soul purpose inspired by pearls of wisdom and action oriented practices” - David


Genesis Testimonials

Genesis Testimonials

Genesis Testimonials
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A Testimonial Stacy

A Testimonial Stacy

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A Testimonial Kris

A Testimonial Kris

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A Testimonial Oonagh

A Testimonial Oonagh

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12 1:1 Sessions

Group Genesis Participants who pay in full receive 12 complimentary 1:1 sessions with Rev. Meg.

Access to all Online Courses

Free lifetime access to Modern Awakening© and Authentic Love©.

Discounted Sessions

All Genesis Participants, Group or Genesis 1:1, receive discounted sessions for 12 months.

What is in genesis

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Here's what Genesis includes...

  • The 12 Month Agenda - 

    • Emotional Stillness, Control, and Release

    • Triggers, Roles, and Stories

    • Filters, Delusion, and Bypassing

    • Awareness and Stillness

    • Fearlessness

    • Manifestation, Attraction, and Flow

    • Turbulence and Conflict

    • Guidance 

    • Fortitude 

    • Ingenuity

    • Responsibility

    • Integration

  • 44 weekly meetings over 12 months

  • Lifetime access to all Genesis Members Pages- all modules, guided meditations, and more.

  • Lifetime access Genesis Guided Meditation Page.


Frequently asked questions

What time are weekly Group Genesis meetings? What happens if I can't make it?

Saturdays, 9:00 am PST

All meetings are recorded and sent to participants!


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"So much work goes into Spiritual Development- overcoming triggers, emotional translation and control, un-learning, self discovery, self mastery, compassion and love for self and others, dissolving the ego, releasing limiting beliefs... 

So many people are on a Spiritual yo-yo diet: an ayahuasca ceremony here, an archetype workshop there, a crystal healing session there...

There is no magic switch, Spiritual Wellness is a lifestyle. It took time and trauma to build us into the adults we have become, and it takes time and healing for us to rebuild ourselves into our highest and best self.

As someone who dedicated herself to this journey, this lifestyle, years ago, I know it's not something that can be achieved without accountability, guidance, and support.


I worked with my guides to design this program to facilitate a sustainable evolution in the human collective. It will not only help you understand yourself, your ego, and your intuition; but it will help you understand others, and how to interact in this world as a Spiritual wayfinder." - Love, Rev. Meg