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Balancing Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy The Woo Woo Way

Choose Harmony

About Feminine & Masculine Energy

As a Spiritual Seeker, it is likely you’ve noticed an influx of chatter on Divine Masculine and Feminine energy; and it’s also likely you’ve noticed:

  • Reinforcement of Patriarchy dictated gender roles.

  • The subjugation of men, women, and anyone in between.

  • The simultaneous elevation and limiting of men.

  • The objectification and limiting of women.

  • The rejection of, and egoic negative judgment of a gender spectrum in existence since the beginning of humanity.

  • Unrealistic expectations of behavior.

  • Restriction of unique individuality.

Gender roles don't have a thing to do with Feminine & Masculine Energy! These energies have very little to do with gender all together, all things considered. This workshop will help you find harmony and heal damage to your Divine Masculine & Feminine.

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