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Authentic Love

About Authentic Love

Authentic Love © is an online relationship course designed to prepare you on an energetic and emotional level to heal from a break-up, attract and be in an authentic and lasting partnership, or strengthen an existing partnership.

Romantic Relationships are purposed to bring us joy, and offer us a safe space for the giving and receiving of love; but they also serve a greater purpose: they catalyze great healing, the shedding of the ego and inauthentic parts of ourselves, and an opportunity to learn how to become the highest and best version of ourselves.

We are often unaware of our own ego and subconscious programming until we are triggered by others; and because we are most vulnerable in romantic relationships, the triggers are more noticeable and often painful.

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Authentic Love © escorts you on a journey through your subconscious mind, ensuring you can can uproot and release any egoic programming blocking you from a healthy relationship.

Our triggers, emotions, and stories are often cries for help from our inner child, saying, "Help me! I was hurt, and because of that, I believe things that aren't true."

Our inner child needs us to step in, as adults, to lead them into greater awareness, intention, and truth.

I'm hosting this live, in an 8 week format, on Zoom from January 6th - February 24th 2024, Saturdays 12pm PST.

*All meetings will be recorded.


  • Week One: Intro & getting ready for the deep dive!

  • Week Two: Uproot

  • Week Three: Release

  • Week Four: Reflect

  • Week Five: Intention

  • Week Six: Magnetize

  • Weeks Seven & Eight: Group Counseling & Q&A

  • $440

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