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Authentic Love © is an online relationship course designed to prepare you on an energetic and emotional level to heal from a break-up, attract and be in an authentic and lasting partnership, or fortify an existing partnership.

Like attracts like; and often times we are attracting the "wrong" people because we have not truly cleared the energy of the past, discovered what it is we truly want, or haven't dedicated enough love to ourselves.

This is an intensive program, and a brave undertaking; but of all the things to be brave for in this world, love deserves the most bravery of all. This course will direct you through your subconscious mind, giving you the opportunity to discover your patterns, release the past, actualize as the authentic you, and attract the real thing.

  • Five week course:

    • Course is energetically ordered for flow.

    • Five weekly modules

    • Five weekly exercises, including guided meditations

    • Lifetime access to materials

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“The steps in Authentic Love are easy to follow, and very streamlined. It helps guide you to find out more about yourself and your past/present relationships, and uncovers your unconscious conditioning. This will allow you to find out what works and doesn't work for you in a nonjudgemental way, and will help you move forward.


I have read a few relationship books in the past, but what is different about what Meg has created is it is a straightforward and simple approach, asking you the right questions. This will allow people to break patterns in relationships that do not serve them. I also believe that part of this program would be beneficial to do with a current partner."

Amrit | Client

“This program leads you through questions only you know the answer to, allowing the answers to flow, creating a clear path forward.


It isn't always easy to open up the past, this allows you to move at a comfortable pace. If you are new to exploring past cycles or just looking to tidy some unresolved feelings- this is helpful for both!"

Jessica | Client