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Enjoy Your Awakening

Modern Awakening

A Modern Awakening ©  is a three month online course designed to help you connect with spirit, develop your intuition, and dissolve your ego. The exercises are simple, the routine is manageable, and the result is greater alignment and Spiritual Wellness.

Click the picture below for an introduction.

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Rev. Meg was inspired by her own journey to create a simple system to connect with Spirit. She worked with her Spirit Guide, Mychael, to create Modern Awakening ©. 

How do you manage a spiritual awakening in the modern world? It is simple, not easy. You set an intention to connect to the Non-Physical world, and learn to control your mind.


How do you become a Psychic Medium? Guess what? You already are. The ability to connect and communicate with Spirit is not a gift that is only given to "special, chosen" people! That idea comes from millenias of dogma designed to take control away from people.  

If you feel a calling to develop your psychic and medium skills, don't wait to get started! The best time is now!

Rev. Meg is hosting Modern Awakening © live for the first time since before the Pandemic! 

  • Group Course

  • 12 Live Classes

  • 3 Classes: Hosted Module with Q&A

  • 9 Classes: Practice with ESP Skills and Spirit Communication

  • Access to Modern Awakening © and Authentic Love © Online Courses

  • Discount Code for 1:1 Sessions

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