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Reverend Meg is an "All Clair" Psychic Medium- Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, etc.; and a licensed Psychic Medium, Healer, and Teacher through Ordination and Training at Chapel of Awareness in Encinitas, Ca. There is more information regarding how Rev. Meg works below, but you may skip to book here.

What is possible in a session?

Guidance and Spiritual Counseling, Shadow Work, Visiting the Akashic Record, Healing, Past Life Regressions, and more. Loved ones who have crossed do not always come in for readings. Although they continue to love us, their time on earth was completed, and they often choose to not move in for readings so you can focus on yourself.

What is not possible in a session?

Spirit Side is non-interfering, so they may decline to give you certain private information about others, and will not offer guidance to help you harm others.

All the guidance you receive will likely come from one of Reverend's Meg's Spirit Guides and Teachers, information Reverend Meg picks up on intuitively, or guidance based in Energetic and Spiritual Law.
From Reverend Meg

I am not your Momma's Psychic. I am a guide, a healer, a teacher, an intuitive, a medium; and I'm not important. We are important, all one, all together.
Most of us have been raised by society to see a stereotype when we hear "Psychic"- maybe a Gypsy Fortune Teller at a faire, or a dramatically dark and scary person surrounded by burning herbs and talismans. I'm not that "cool". I laugh because I don't come close to fitting into many Spiritual Stereotypes, and chances are... neither do you.

Stereotypes of Spiritual People have been deeply programmed within us, and this programming creates a lot of confusion and shame. Almost everyone has psychic abilities, and almost everyone can communicate with Spirit. It is a gift given to all of us; and yes, it is easier for some people to develop this gift, but it is something we are all gifted with.