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Reverend Meg is an International Spiritual Counselor living in Oceanside, CA. She is a licensed Psychic Medium, Healer, and an active Spiritualist Minister in North County, San Diego.

Years ago, Reverend Meg chose to set down her attachment to the corporate world, and begin counseling and connecting people to Spirit. Her focus is guiding people towards their greatest alignment, healing, and happiness. She has created three programs designed to empower, heal, and connect her clients with Spirit and their Higher Self; and believes deeply in affordable ongoing Spiritual counseling.

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Hello, beautiful human.

It’s not a coincidence you found me. You have likely been following the bread crumbs of the universe towards your own greatest alignment and highest good.

It’s a brave act to seek one’s own happiness and fulfillment in a world that teaches us, “Oh! That’s selfish!”

It’s a brave act to seek guidance from
Spirit in a world that teaches us, “Just stay in the maze, there’s nothing to see outside of it.”

You’re a brave soul, and you have the power and right to create your perfect life for yourself; and I am honored to help you.

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Reverend Meaghan Hammarsten is an ordained and active minister at Chapel of Awareness. She was certified as a Holistic EFT Practitioner at The Awakenings Institute, and for Clinical Nutrition at Natural Healing Institute.

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