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Choose Happiness, Choose Evolution

Reverend Meg

About Rev. Meg

Reverend Meg is an International Spiritual Counselor living in Oceanside, CA. She is a licensed Psychic Medium, Healer, and an active Spiritualist Minister in North County, San Diego.

Her focus is guiding people towards their greatest Spiritual Wellness- happiness, alignment, inner peace, connectedness to Spirit, and Spiritual Evolution.

From those who are just beginning their Spiritual growth, to those who have been growing for some time, Rev. Meg offers no-judgment guidance to everyone- no matter where they are on their path.

She offers Psychic Medium Readings, Spiritual Coaching Programs, Online Courses, Free Guided Meditations, and Spiritual Counseling Memberships. Reverend Meg believes deeply in affordable ongoing Spiritual counseling.

You may read more about her journey here.

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Reverend Meaghan Hammarsten is an ordained and active minister at Chapel of Awareness. She was certified as a Holistic EFT Practitioner at The Awakenings Institute, and for Clinical Nutrition at Natural Healing Institute.

Specializing in psychic medium readings, ongoing Spiritual Counseling, and Spiritual Wellness Programs

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations allow us to easily move into our subconscious minds, making it possible for us to reprogram the subconscious mind (ego) in a positive way. Our subconscious mind governs so many of our actions; and as our awakenings unfold, our subconscious minds become more noticeable to us. This is because our consciousness is expanding during an awakening, and begins alerting us to aspects of ourselves which need to be healed and released for our highest and best good.​

Psychic Medium Readings

Reverend Meg's sessions are fluid and flexible. Everyone is different! Everyone needs different energy work.

Let Reverend Meg know if you have specific needs for your session. You can experience so many different aspects of Spirit: general guidance, shadow work, healing, past lives, life lessons, Spiritual Growth, overcoming triggers, or connecting you to your Spirit Guides. Reverend Meg offers Memberships for affordable ongoing Spiritual Counseling.

Spiritual Growth

So much work goes into Spiritual Growth- overcoming triggers, emotional control, un-learning, self discovery, self mastery, compassion and love for self and others, dissolving the ego, releasing limiting beliefs... There is no magic switch. It took time and trauma to build us into the adults we have become, and it takes time and healing for us to rebuild ourselves into our highest and best self. Reverend Meg co-created the Genesis Program as the ultimate Spiritual Growth tool. 

Psychic Development

Reverend Meg was inspired by her own journey to create a simple system to connect with Spirit. She worked with her Spirit Guide, Mychael, to create Modern Awakening ©. ​

A Modern Awakening ©  is a three month online course designed to help you connect with spirit, develop your intuition, and dissolve your ego. The exercises are simple, the routine is manageable, and the result is greater Spiritual Wellness.


Like attracts like; and often times we are attracting the "wrong" people because we have not truly cleared the energy of the past, discovered what it is we truly want, or haven't dedicated enough love to ourselves.

Authentic Love © is an online relationship course designed to prepare you on an energetic and emotional level to heal from a break-up, attract and be in an authentic and lasting partnership, or fortify an existing partnership.


Reverend Meg believes deeply in affordable ongoing Spiritual Counseling.

It's far too easy to be tempted into a Spiritual Yo-Yo diet lifestyle: some ayahuasca here, pulling some tarot cards there, maybe a retreat every once and awhile, Spiritual podcast hopping...

Memberships are great for those who wish to find and stay on their "middle path" towards their highest and best.

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