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About Me

Hello, beautiful human. It isn't a coincidence you found me.


My life appears to be a series of coincidences, and perhaps yours does too; but we know better.

I was guided by Spirit, to nudge me towards where I am today. You have been guided by Spirit, to nudge you towards where you are right now.

Years ago, I had a seemingly inexplicable neurological event. The energetic sensitivity I had been repressing for years made a quick comeback. I intuitively began a natural healing journey, eventually healing through food, natural medicine, and meditation. As my neurological activity began to regulate, I began to sense something around me.

I was very fearful, and I want you to know there is nothing to be afraid of. Absolutely nothing. Finally, exhausted by resistance, I surrendered to the energetic reality of my life: I was in direct communication with the other side.


Nearly the moment I surrendered, I found the The Chapel of Awareness- where I trained to harness my ability to sense, translate, and express non-physical energy accurately. Much like Abraham Hicks, I work with a group of helpful guides in the non-physical world. I am currently an active minister at Chapel of Awareness, a 100% volunteer run Spiritualist Church and School.


Awake, I now spend my time dedicated to the Spiritual Evolution of the human collective. I offer one on one sessions, memberships, online courses, and the Genesis Program (Guru Training). You can subscribe to my mailing list for events and messages from Spirit here.