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You Are the Monster Under Your Bed

There is no such thing as evil spirits

Do you remember when your parents assured you there was no monster under your bed, and that you were totally safe in your room? Do you also remember how they were right every time (about that, at least)?

I do not wish to offend those who truly believe in dark forces, demons, Satan, or evil spirits. Believe what you please. This is a judgement free zone, and I am simply expressing my own beliefs. The fear of evil spirits is something I am familiar with, so I am sensitive to the feelings of those who believe in them. In fact, I had a hard time letting go of my belief in evil- I felt my fear protected me, and I didn't want to admit I was wrong. As my spiritual awakening progressed, and I developed my skills in mediumship, my fear of evil naturally dissolved.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

No monsters, ghouls, or evil spirits lurk around you to cause you harm; in fact, they don't exist. So why do movies, psychics, preachers, and people claim there to be dark, soul-sucking entities? The non-physical monster between the human ears: our mind. Ah, the mind monster, it troubles us so. Human nature has taught us to fear what we can't explain.

Folklore, mythology, religion, stories, books, and movies perpetuate a human compulsion to identify, fear, and blame a villain. There is some truth to many myths and stories; but recognize how commonly people exaggerate stories for entertainment or propaganda purposes. Most stories have a victim, a villain, and a hero. Subconsciously, we perceive this is also the natural condition of reality. We become slaves to this perception, creating this drama in our everyday lives. I learned about this compulsive drama triangle in a life-changing workshop with Alejandra Crisafulli. In addition to this subconscious compulsion, humans are sensitive to energy, and are not commonly taught how to cope with this sensitivity. The combination of sensitivity and compulsion creates our ego's favorite food: fear.

Almost everyone has had a spine-tingling or gut dropping experience they cannot explain, and it's easy to believe these sensations are caused by something evil. When I got spooked as a child, it was always worsened by a heavy looming presence pressing around my body. This sensation was suffocating, and I was convinced it was a demon. Ironically, I now identity this vibration as Michael, my Protector (guardian angel). I felt his presence whenever I was afraid because he would move in to protect and comfort me, I just misunderstood this feeling as a child. I had multiple inexplicable dark moments after my childhood, including seeing darkened figures when I began communicating with the other side.

Communication with spirit can be very overwhelming, overstimulating even. It's fairly easy to allow your mind to get carried away if you're not careful; and you can find yourself subconsciously thrown into the darker programming of your mind: horror movies, folklore, wive's tales, religious stigma, hidden fears, learned evils...the list goes on. Letting go of, and learning to control one's mind is a great challenge. The mind does not wish to be let go of or controlled- it encases the ego, and the ego is desperate to survive.

As if fear and ego aren't big enough challenges, we are subconsciously socially programmed to be entrenched in victim-hood. We are always fighting a battle between good and evil. There are bad people we must defeat. Beware the dark side. Dark spirits will drain your energy force. Satan is always trying to trick you into sinning; and if he does you're not accountable for your actions, you're a victim. This is the most impressive of ego's conspiracies, because it shackles us to a seemingly rational fear-based existence. You are in control of your own energy. Period. No one, nothing, can make you do anything.

Spirit side contains the spirits of formally incarnate beings and archangels. Demons are fictional. Any odd "creature" is the energetic creation of an advanced spiritual entity; and an entity evolved enough to create an energy creature, would never create one for the purpose of doing harm. The more spiritually evolved an entity is, the more peaceful and loving it becomes. Sure, you run into a cranky ghost every once and awhile; but you're far more likely to run into a cranky human. Why? Because everything that makes us cranky is in our bodies. When we transition from life on earth to life on spirit side, we leave the biology behind. The negative vibrations from our ego and mind dissolve from our spirit (this process takes longer for some entities, hence the occurrence of cranky ghosts); and we re-calibrate to the pure, neutral, loving, energy form we truly are.

"Now we can look at why evil spirits exist. The answer is a matter of context. If you believe that evil entities and spirits exist, seeing an entity standing at the end of your bed at night can scare you. When in fact what happened is you simply saw a ghost. It’s our mind that makes an entity either good or evil. The only protection you need from evil spirits is the ability to control your mind.

Entities from time to time do act out. These entities are poltergeists who want to help emotionally disturbed teenagers express their anger and rage. These mischievous entities can act out what the teen wishes they could do. While these entities can be destructive, they will not harm anyone physically.

You may ask why an entity such as a poltergeist will not harm anyone. They are not allowed to. All entities on spirit-side must follow the law or prime directive of non-interference. Interference is deliberately causing someone to do something they would not do otherwise. Any entity who tries to bother or distract you will be stopped by more evolved entities, in no uncertain terms." - Article by The Chapel of Awareness.

Everything is actually very neutral. Everything is what is it. Everyone is who they are, and who they are plays a vital role in our spiritual evolution (Judas Iscariot is a fine example of a necessary "evil"). Although we must always set boundaries and be aware, there is no true "evil" in this universe. Realistically, there is no "good" or "evil"- these concepts are perceptional makings of humankind. I invite you to believe you live in a safe universe- a universe dedicated to love, learning, and progression.

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