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What is Love?

“Love is a perfect word, and yet it is so mistreated. For love blesses us, but all those who perpetuate false definitions of love, carry away it’s intention. Love is an energy, just as faith, not an idea. Hold true to true love, and you shall never again be confused by the word.” -Cassandra

Too many times I have cried over “love”. We have all drudged through heartbreak, or helped another drudge through their own. How unfortunate for us to have blamed “love”, and contributed to it’s unnecessarily complex reputation. Love does not cause pain or sorrow; and it does not inspire people to engage in reckless behavior. Those reactions are all symptoms of emotions which have taken on the moniker of love; but love isn’t an emotion at all, it is an energetic force.

Admittingly, I use the word “love” too casually : I love cats, I love ice cream, I love coffee; but I do not actually love those things (except cats), I am just joyfully excited by those things. I am grateful for ice cream and coffee; but I do not love them. I do love my cats, again, for the record. Semantics do not truly concern me, but they do have a notable effect on the human collective. I wonder if this breakdown in language may have created a breakdown in our understanding of love. Often times, we makes things less understandable by complicating them with words.

As with many things, one of the best ways to understand something is not to discover what it is, but to discover what it is not.

Love is not when you want someone. This is lust, because love does not want.

Love is not when you need someone. This is fear and insecurity; love is holy, it is whole, it needs nothing.

Love does not create a broken heart. This is anger, betrayal, loss, grief, etc. cannot be broken.

Love does not inspire people to do stupid things for people they are in “love” with. This is stupidity’s job, and stupidity is good enough at its job that it does not need assistance from love.

Love is not excitement. Love is not envy. Love is not admiration. Love is not respect.

These are all common things that we associate with, or as love. Was it because of love you felt pain after a breakup? No, loss (amongst other things) created that pain. Is it love which makes you feel compelled to undress people with your mind? No, lust creates those mental adventures. (Nothing to be ashamed of, none of us want to see Justin Trudeau with a shirt on ever again. Or is that just me? ...Nevermind.) Does love make you angry when you see someone else with your lover or best friend? No, that is jealousy. Does love make you stay up at night wondering if someone loves you as much as you love them? NO! That’s insecurity!!! Is love what makes your tummy hurt when you see someone you have a crush on? No, that is probably indigestion, nerves, or a gluten intolerance...or...all of those things. Furthermore, love does not make anyone do anything. Love is not arrogant enough to impose her will on anybody. However, her very existence quietly inspires us to be as perfect as we actually are.

Love is what coaxes you back to center when you have strayed into the dark.

Love is the understanding of all things that cannot be put into words.

Love is pure, it has no discriminations, disharmonies, or disagreements.

Love is that second you have when you are fully awake, and your mind is blank.

Love is the gentle reminder to be kind, and peaceful.

Love is what is standing by to fill the space you make for it in your heart.

As white light is to healing energy, love is to all energy. Love is a matriarch which holds her family together; she is woven into the fabric of her people like glue. It’s a shame we so commonly blame love for our falling apart, when in all reality, it is what holds us together when we are coming undone. Love is an unthanked employee, working behind the scenes, ensuring everything goes smoothly; and love is that same employee who receives all the blame when anything goes wrong. Love effortlessly maneuvers through all the sorrow, pain, madness, and destruction we create; and she stealthily encourages us to not lose our minds, and destroy it all. We get all of our best answers on how to solve all the hardest problems from love, but we hardly notice the influence.

Above all things, love is innate. We are born with it. Love cannot be taught, and it cannot be is something we already know. Love runs through our veins, we breathe it in our air, it churns in our earth, and it swims in our waters. We do not have to chase it, create it, look for it, or define it. It simply exists perfectly, as it is, with no definition needed. Perhaps the very simplicity of it is why we have trouble grasping it. After all, there is no equation for love. There exists no scientific formula for love. None of my teachers, in any of my classes, ever had a lesson plan: how to feel, create, define, and/or understand love. Human beings have found a quantifiable way to explain damn near everything that exists in this world; but never have I ever seen a reasonable quantification of love. Love is not something we can learn, it is something we can know when we stop trying to learn it. We are taught in this world that we must earn things, learn things, and create things; but we were all gifted this perfect thing, and we haven’t the slightest clue how to comprehend it. Ironic, how the simple things are often the most difficult things for us.

Anger, excitement, lust, and all the emotions we experience everyday are just a biological chain reaction. We create and project them with our bodies. Love is not the by-product of a neuro-chemical chain reaction; it cannot be created, because it already perfectly exists. Human beings are pretty incredible, I’m a fan, but there is no way one of us could create something as holy and perfect as love. In fact, it is likely the opposite. Perhaps it is love which creates us.

The Christians say God is love; and also God created the heavens, earth, and all the beings in their habitats. Maybe love is God; and we humanly found a way to unknow it.


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