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Do Others See You?

I am sensitive. I am sensitive to noise, light, smells, chemicals, movement, people, and animals. There are days I am so overstimulated, it is common for me to stare at my locked phone screen in public, or sit quietly in a bathroom stall. Historically, I have been very protective of myself, and choosy as to who sees me.

For the most part, people see who we want them to.

No one could know how sensitive I was! I was convinced someone would hurt me; and because I was convinced people would hurt me, I attracted that behavior into my life for years.

I'm done with that.

My years of gallivanting about with a rose-colored glasses, superficial blond, empty-headed facade? That was trickery. I see things exactly as they are, my thoughts and feelings run through to the core of the earth, and my brain is constantly awake in its effort for discovery. I mislead myself and others. I thought I had to be...light weight. Surface level. Average. Strong. I learned quickly that a lot of people are put off by "smart girls", "sensitive girls", and "deep girls". I learned those qualities made you a "crazy girl".

Well, folks, I am bat-shit crazy then (and you may be too, by those standards).

AND I LOVE IT. I love being me.

Of course, we certainly want to be respectful of others; and perhaps adjust our behavior slightly to accommodate a respectful atmosphere. For instance, I have a mouth like a fucking sailor; but I'm not going to throw F-bombs around like paper airplanes when children are around. That accommodation doesn't change who I am, it simply represents me being mindful of common social boundaries.

When we pretend to be someone we are not to please, impress, or protect ourselves from others, we're actually just tricking others. It's dishonesty at its finest; and it's likely we lose a bit of who we actually are every time we play pretend. Furthermore, when you are not being your authentic you, you won't attract authentic people into your life.

You deserve to have authentic people in your life. You deserve to love yourself for who you are; and when you do, you attract people to you who will do the same.

I challenge you to accept and love yourself for who you really are, and be fearless in doing so.

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