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Power is a Promise

finding your power

Power Hungry.

The desire of power in excess caused the angels to fall.

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.

If you want to test a man's character, give him power.

Sex, money, power.

It seems we have been tricked into believing "power" is a dirty word, a destructive force, or an impious ambition. This belief is evident in many people's disdain for authority; but authority isn't power- it is responsibility, enforcement, and jurisdiction. Authority is a creation of man to foster order. Most of us confuse power with authority, even showing reverence for authority figures. Society does well with authority, we crave and need structure to survive; but there is no need to allow people of authority to have power over us.

We desire control, and we confuse control with power. As I have grown as an individual, control has become a laughable concept to me. The only thing we can control is our minds! We can manipulate, influence, and create; but we cannot control the outside world. Alas, we still try and fail. Why? Why have so many people burrowed into this cycle of insanity, anxiety, and failure?

We are trying to gain "power". Many of us are programmed to believe power is wicked, so our quest for power becomes...painfully awkward. Some people become perpetually anxious in a vain attempt to control their surroundings, while others placate themselves by manipulating others. There are people who choose inaction instead, and drown their lack of power in drugs or alcohol. We chase money, property, titles, fame, and control; but all the while in a state of chronic dissatisfaction. Money is not power. Fame is not power. Possessions certainly aren't power. Society programmed us to believe these things are power, and that it is something we can acquire outside of us; but it is inside of us.

If you can't take with you when you die, it is not a by-product of power. I have personally never heard of a spirit trying to drag a Ferrari into to the ether while leaving it's earthly body. Power isn't about cars, or money, or control, or authority, or fame. Power is energy, and it lies innately within all of us. We do not have to buy it, fight for it, or earn it. Power is a promise. It is a guarantee. We all have it, waiting patiently for us to look within to accept it; but we're too afraid, ashamed, and confused to do it. do we access our promised power?

1) Acceptance. Accept it is within you.

2) Dissolve Guilt and Shame. Your power is your innate right.

3) Meditate. Shut your mind up twice a day.

4) Watch my upcoming video series: Power is a Promise

My videos don't cost anything, they're not super duper unbearably long, and who knows- you may even see one of my nosey cats!

Look out for the videos in the beginning of December; and hopefully you can start a New Year with your new power.

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