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The Soul is Connected...

The Human Soul

At the Chapel of Awareness, we teach that the Spirit and the Soul are different things.

The Spirit is the eternal, infinite part of you; or as I like to say, what becomes your "ghost" after you die. We consider the Etheric Body and the Spirit to be the same thing. Our spirits carry the data from all our lives: everything we've ever learned, everyone we've ever loved, our failures, our successes; but our Spirit holds this information without judgment.

Only humans judge.

What is a spirit?

The Soul is the "spark of life" you have in the existence you are living now, essentially your individual identity; but you do not take it with you when you die. It is an identity which becomes a memory on the other side, as if it is a character in a movie you watched. Interesting to think about, how separate our soul is from our spirit; but yet still connected. After all, our Spirit has energized many Souls, or sparks of life, on our spiritual journey.

You. Who you are in this life is a character you chose to be; and it was designed to help you learn something new. It is connected... to everything: the earth, animals, plants, people, dead people, and the universe in it's entirety. Are we connected to others by an invisible glowing, ultra-spiritual cord? Nope. Sorry, everyone, that’s just a metaphorical representation of our connectedness. You cannot latch onto another soul with a universal string; and you cannot be tethered to another either. If you feel "stuck" to someone, it's all in your mind (which is okay, because you can control your mind, but virtually nothing else). So, if our soul is connected to everything, and not by a divine, majestic, lit-up cord, then how?

We are connected by circumstance, by love, and by perfect planning. Life on earth is this insane Rubix Cube that we are constantly spinning to keep everything in place.

You are connected to “Wilbur” in the United Kingdom because your choice to be who you are in this life was planned to work perfectly with his choice to be himself- even if you never meet. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? It is, but it isn't. Sure, it's a lot to keep up with; but it's the Universe's only job, and she's very good at it. In fact, we don't have to think about how it works while we're in our earthly bodies at all. Spirit Side and the Universe are running the show, we just have to play our part. Meanwhile, the scenes are changing, lights go up and down, our character develops throughout the show, and the curtains close...

The entire duration of this show, your character is connected to everyone behind the scenes; and they all want you to succeed. The stage crew and cast are a vital part of your story, and you are a vital part of theirs. Remember you are connected to everything, everyone, and how you affect others is up to you. You decide how your character will develop.

We are all separate, but together; insignificant as individuals, but incalculably important as a whole. We are never alone.

The soul is connected.


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