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Find a Villain

enemy within

There are despicable people in this world. As a spiritual leader, I will tell you "there are no legitimately bad people. Everyone is on their own individual path, and sometimes their path may seem unsavory to others; but their path is necessary, just like yours." This is very true; but it is also true, that some people's paths are despicable...Crossing the path of a villainous human can be jarring. It is tedious to keep one's wits about them when in the presence of a true villain. Speaking for my younger self, when I was presented with a villain, I allowed myself to believe I could help them, fix them, or rescue those they harmed. I would set out on a quest to right wrongs, make little to no progress, and be left exhausted.

There are two truths about "villains" that no one ever talks about.

A "Villain" is defined as: "a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot." Pretty standard definition, I doubt anyone was surprised by it. Although, villains aren't just characters in a fiction book, they exist in reality. Our real life villains are humans "whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot" of our lives. "Important to the plot." "Important."

Villains are important. They are more than important, they are currently necessary.

I say "currently" necessary, because humans do have the opportunity to evolve past this necessity, and very likely will. Here's the thing, we ain't there yet. Nowhere near it. While we wait for a future human utopia to become reality in one of our future lives, we'll just have to cope with villains. After all, we need them. I know, I know, "PLEASE EXPLAIN to me how I needed my former asshole boss, or my psycho ex, or my evil parent."

We all exist in our bodies on this earth in human form to learn, experience, and evolve. Challenges make us stronger, and our greatest challenge is overcoming ourselves. When we are faced with a villain, we are not only learning to overcome the situation, we are learning to overcome the villain we have within ourselves. Like attracts like, this is a spiritual law. "The person before you is a mirror, see there your own form."

shadow self

It may be brutal to think we may be like the villains who have wronged us; but it's true. Our villains will likely showcase an exaggerated version of our shadow self.

I had a roommate who was a profound alcoholic; she nearly got my sister and I kicked out of the apartment due to her drunken wailing late into the night, and various other disturbances. She disregarded any requests for respect or peace, refused any help, and consistently manipulated us. Eventually I made the tough decision to tell her to leave, because I could no longer tolerate her endangering my personal stability. Like attracts like, but I was not an alcoholic. I was not manipulative, nor did I endanger anyone's peace or safety. So, how were we alike?

To answer hard questions, we must dig deeper.

This roommate drank and acted out because she hated herself. She could not decide who she was or was not, and was unable to accept or love herself for who she was. This uncertainty and lack of self love manifested in her life as alcoholism and emotional volatility. We can have the same internal struggles as another human, but see them manifest in completely different ways. When I was faced with this villain, I was faced with myself. I hated myself. I wasn't able to love or accept who I was; and I had shrunken back from my life, afraid of moving forward. My emotional volatility wasn't as severe as hers, nor did it present like hers; but it was front and center in my life. Instead of lashing out and crying loudly from a balcony at 2:00 am, I was silently repressing all of my feelings, and wasting away physically from anxiety. We don't often see our own shadows clearly, but we do see those same shadows in others. Even on an unconscious level, seeing our own shadows in others can trigger us to recognize our own, and better ourselves.

My personal growth, at the time I had this roommate, was fairly stunted. I had virtually no self respect, and could not state or maintain boundaries. Boundaries are one of my three main life lessons I chose to learn when I incarnated into this body; and I had NOT been learning that lesson. This is a common life lesson for lightworkers, psychics, mediums, and energy healers. Having boundaries is absolutely paramount when you are of spiritual service to others. Otherwise you risk being taken advantage of, becoming overwhelmed/exhausted/ill, and not being able to fulfill your purpose fully. Without boundaries, a lightworker's spiritual development is stunted- spirit will not fully present itself unless you are ready.

I did not understand the value of this horrible roommate situation at the time, and it was years before I recognized my spiritual calling. However, on a subconscious level, I learned and grew from it. I became stronger, and developed greater self respect. I felt a huge, and immediate shift when I told her to leave- it was an incredible release, and I felt powerful...not forceful. I was maintaining a boundary, and following through with stated consequences; and it felt very right. This situation quite literally made me a different person, a better person.

The two truths about villains that no one ever talks about?

Villains are a mirror, just like your heroes; but they represent aspects of your shadow self. Like attracts like.

Villains are important, we need them to grow. We should express gratitude for the opportunity to dissolve our egos, and become better people.

Find a villain; but do not hate them. Find a villain who has harmed you in this life. Break down why you were repulsed by them, and why they acted the way they did. Find this villain to understand the villain within you, and heal it. Have compassion, and allow yourself to be inspired by the spiritual law "like attracts like". You are worth the time it takes to heal the shadows within you.

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