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The Wind Will Blow Your Way

Trust The Universe

Patience is a virtue. Shit, patience is downright saintly. Why can't we have what we want when we want it? The Universe seems cruel sometimes, dangling carrots in front of our eyes- "I can see what I want, so why can't I have it?" That is a truly valid and important question; but it is not a question to ask the Universe, it is a question we must ask ourselves. Trust the Universe, question yourself.

The Universe provides, with the help of Spirit; but most of the time, it only provides road signs. The Universe isn't in charge of picking you up in a limousine, and dropping your lazy ass off where you want to be; but it will clear a path for you, and help show you the way. It's not that the Universe won't drop something amazing off on your doorstep- it will! However, we'd never learn our lessons if we didn't work for anything.

Sometimes knowing what you want feels worse than not having a clue. The quiet, peaceful, unambitious moments in life are pretty relaxing; and although the pop-fizz of having something to achieve is invigorating, it can also be frustrating. There are times it's fast and easy to achieve your goals; but there are also times when you feel like you're sitting in a sailboat staring at what you want on shore, and there's no damn wind. "I can see what I want! Why can't I HAVE it?"

Because it isn't time, or you're not ready. Understanding it isn't time for something isn't too vexing. Going with the flow of timing isn't always easy; but it's easier than accepting you're not ready for something you want really really bad.

Timing can be tricky; but it is awe-inspiring how quickly and seamlessly the universe will shift existence around for us. All our lives have an outline, but none of the future details exist yet. We attract our details with our thoughts and intentions, which are constantly changing. Every human being on earth is filling in the details of their lives in real time, all the time; and Spirit is busy helping reshape the universe for all of us. That's freakin nuts, if you think about it. Understanding the effervescence and instantaneous nature of biological life, spirit, and the Universe... makes it a little easier to be understanding of timing. Who knows what Spirit had to shift, or what they had to maneuver to get you what you wanted? Maybe you haven't gotten that new job yet because there's still a guy in that position, and Spirit is working on getting him something new too. We are all intensely interconnected. So if you're impatiently waiting for something to come around- chill out, and think about how much has to fall into place.

you have no chill

Universal timing is understandable; but what about this "not ready" nonsense? Because I have personally been extra, super, very ready for things; and I could practically graze them with my fingers. Even though I was so close, I couldn't get them; and it was all my responsibility. It is not only possible for us to be subconsciously not ready for what we want, it happens all the time. "Not being ready" can include these fun symptoms: being afraid (of your perceived inability to succeed, of making someone unhappy, of losing what you want after you get it, of not getting what you want at all); not believing good things can happen to you; thinking you aren't deserving of good things, a delusional sense of elevated self worth which makes you believe you're entitled to everything. If you, or someone you know, has experienced any/all of these symptoms- you may have NRS (Not Ready Syndrome). Ask your coach, spiritual counselor, or therapist about dissolving the negative emotions holding you back in your life today.

*Side effects of dissolving negative emotions may include: joy, unbridled peace, abundance, and enlightenment.

*People with NRS commonly experience NCS (No Chill Syndrome) as well.

Moral of the story: chill out. At Chapel of Awareness, we say everything is "in time, and on time"; and "thoughts are things", so "think about what you're going to think about." Remember, the Universe is very busy, and always working for your highest and best good. You have your own baggage to deal with, and you have your own work to do. If you trust the Universe, and question yourself- the wind will blow your way, and you'll be sailing in no time.

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