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Think Outside The Cube.

the struggle is real

Your life is not a Rubik Cube. There are no colored blocks waiting to shift magically into color coded perfection; but society has given us all a contrary impression. We are taught that life must be lived a very particular way: do well in school, go to school again, start a career, marry someone, make babies, buy a house, watch the news, go to Disneyland, eat processed foods, take pills, be normal, consume, retire, enjoy grandchildren, drink margaritas, move to an assisted living facility, die slowly and unconsciously on a morphine drip. This is the Rubik Cube society gives most Americans to solve; and everyone is so focused on lining the colors up, they can't see the world past the damn cube. We spend far too much energy trying to conform to social and cultural "norms".

"This is the way I have to live. All the red squares must line up with the others."

The belief in a "normal" life, and an attachment to society's puzzle, are making us ill and miserable. Are you a free bird living life as if you’re in a cage?

There is no fucking cube, people. We made all this "live life this way" shit up. Sure, structure and boundaries are important: don't kill people, look both ways before you cross the street, wear clothing in public, whatever... However, we dedicate far too much time to solving a puzzle that isn't real, and conforming to a zombie mob. Furthermore, the attachment to society's agenda for us has devastating consequences. Not only are we becoming increasingly stressed out over not being able to solve the Rubik Cube, we're losing accountability for our own lives, and blaming our misery on society.

Do you actually know want what you want in life, or do you want things because your upbringing, celebrities, the media, and commercials tell you what you want? Would you want that cheeseburger if you hadn't gotten a coupon in your email? Do you want to get married before you turn 30, or at all, or are you aiming for that because you've been programmed to believe that's what you should do? Is a fancy car going to add any real value to your life? Do you go to church because you want to, or because it's what your community does? Is making babies something you desire because you want to nourish little humans, or will you do it because all your friends are? Are you living the life you want to? Or are you geeking out trying to line up all the blue squares on a puzzle that doesn't exist?

Social Media is a bit flooded with, "Be you, and live the life you want!" inspirational videos, blogs, and memes; but no one seems to bother with following up with, "Oh, and by the way, this is how you do it". People seem to be excited about living outside the box (or the cube), but don't really know where to start.

You start by identifying the Rubik Cube you were given. Who did your parents, teachers, friends say you should be? An actor? A doctor? A trash man? Write it all down, and set that piece of paper on fire. (Please be safe.) How did all of those people live their lives, how did they tell you to live yours? Write it all down...set that on fire too. Who did they say you could NOT be? FIRE. What did they say you could NOT do. FIRE. Who do they say you are? Impatient? Boring? FIRE! Take some time to identify every time someone categorized you, guided you, advised you, and/or tried to influence you (the good and the bad); and set it all on FIRE. You do not need the limiting opinions of others stored in your brain, just the lessons you learned trying to solve your invisible Rubik Cube.

What lessons did you learn trying to be what society wants you to be? Write down your answers, fold the piece of paper, and put it in a safe place. Look at your answers often, to remind you what you learned.

Now you're ready to start identifying who you are and what you want to do.

Your life is not a Rubik Cube, it's a pathway. Make your own way through your life. Spirit will always be there to guide you for your highest and best good- just keep your eyes peeled for the signs. You don't have do anything any particular way, and there's no reason to strive for perfection. There is no black and white plan for living your life. Just keep fucking going.

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