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Be Free...

freedom peace dove

...and Spirit will find you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be entirely free, thoughtless, or enlightened to understand Spirit. Spirit Side is a lot more accommodating than you may think. Remember, most spirits we communicate with were human- they get it, they get us. It’s not like Spirit is like, “Jeez, Karen was a total bitch to that barista, so we’re not going to help her.” Only humans think like that. Spirit is benevolent.

So how do we “be free”...or at least get close enough to connect with Spirit and our own intuition? Water fasting? Psychedelics? Cryotherapy? Colonics?

Nope. It’s not that those things wouldn’t work as a temporary peep hole, they might; but the results aren’t sustainable. Doesn’t sustainable sound better? It sure does! Because it IS better!

There’s not one magic path to freedom and spiritual development. This is your path. You must travel it uniquely as you. However, I have some tips, advice, and practices that may help you find your way.


Just do it, ya wriggly toddler! It’s easy! Sit down twice a day, close your eyes, and don’t think for 5 minutes. Doesn’t that sound great?! Relaxing, right? Just do it.

Dissolve any interest you have in being right.

Actually, make a concerted effort to stop believing there is such a thing as “right” or “wrong”. Instead, refocus on what is true or untrue. Mind you, truth represents what is factual. Untrue represents what is not factual. If your brain NEEDS a definition for right and wrong, go with these: right- a positive thought or action; wrong- a negative thought or action.

Challenge yourself to view all things and all sides neutrally.

In reality, everything is neutral until humans assign a label. This challenge is not a cake-walk; but you can do it. Spirit does it all day long, and twice on Tuesday.

Recognize there is truth to every religion.

Humans have really mucked them up along the way; but that’s another blog. There is a Golden Thread of truth in all beliefs; and none deserve to be discounted.

Spirit. Source. God. Allah. The Universe. All the same thing, labeled and explained in different ways.

Learn to control, release, and dissolve your emotions!

They’re fucking you up, and you’re letting them. Check out my EFT Videos; and other people’s videos too! EFT is a simple and effective way to unearth, dissolve, and release your emotions. Fear, for instance, is the only emotion which blocks spiritual development.

Set the intention to be free, and connect with Spirit.

Intention setting is super effective. Get motivated, and commit.

Choose Happiness.

My domain name may seem whimsical; but it also carries an important clue to spiritual development. Choose Happiness, be free.

Here's an article on Choosing Happiness.

That's your checklist. There's not an "easy" task on it- simple, not easy. In fact, everything on that checklist is challenging. Not only are the tasks challenging, but the reactions and opinions of others are also challenging. No one really hates a "negative Nancy"; but people really get put off by "neutral Nancy's". As you develop spiritually, you might lose people around you. It's okay, they'll catch up, or they won't. Every task and shift is well worth the effort...

...because one day, you will have long moments while sitting in silence, and can say, “I know who I am. I know who I am in this life, with no pain, no fear, no sorrows, and no demons. I am ME in this life, and I’ll be someone else in another; and through all these lives, I am infinite. I know the infinite entity that is me without an identity.” And there is no drug, no love affair, and no amount of money that can touch that knowing with a ten foot pole,because it is out of this world. Literally.

Rev your engines, people; and be free.

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