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Fun things to do in oceanside, ca

I have a tendency to “walk the line” on tough issues. I write about feelings, relationship issues, negative cycles, and societal lies that aren't easy to think about. Many people have informed me that my blogs aren't "easy" to read; and I've even been told that that blogs have made people angry, because they were not ready to accept or hear certain things. I trigger people. I love triggers. Every time I’m triggered, upset, or uncomfortable about something, I have a tendency to just...get face it. I dive into my internal psyche, and do my best to figure out why I feel icky, and what I can do to feel better. By no means is this EASY, there are issues we face every day that are painful; but it is within my nature to heal I just kind of go for it.

Although what I'm writing about has been a pain point for me lately, this isn’t a blog about overcoming a painful issue. So, I suppose you can sit back and relax, because I’m not going to "walk the line". Walking the line, and bringing up tough issues is important; but it’s not always fun.

I haven’t been having enough fun. I’ve got a lot of balls I’m juggling in my life right now, and some of them are on fire. The balls I’m juggling are taking up a lot of my time...almost all of it really. That is what I am writing about...not juggling fire balls, it’s not safe, please don’t do it.

I am writing about FUN; but I’ve been so lost in adulting, I didn’t really know where to start writing about FUN.

Fun can get a little complicated for me because I enjoy working and staying busy. I'm enjoying working, becoming a business owner, and volunteering; but I'm still "working" all the time. As I sat down to write about fun, I also realized it was time to admit I am not the expert on fun. I work all the time, how could I be?

Luckily, I happen to know an expert on fun. His name is Paul, and he is my joy guide who projects as a seven year old boy. His specific mission is to guide me towards joy; and he's all about chilling out, letting go, and having fun. Paul is pretty bossy and sure of himself, so he was more than willing to help me write about fun.

This is what Mr. Smarty Pants had to say:

“Hello. Now you might think that Meaghan is super fun, and she is; but so are you. There’s a wrong image of fun that people have created, but that creation isn’t really real. Fun starts in here (the heart), and it spreads out everywhere else. When there’s fun in a room, you can feel it. It feels transcendent.

What’s important is that you stop looking for things that are fun, and you start looking for ways to make all things fun. It’s quite possible. Someone along the line may have told you otherwise, but that’s because they weren’t having any fun.

There’s a recipe for fun, it’s a secret, but I will tell you. The ingredients are you, and life. And that’s it. It’s pretty simple. It’s a wonder why we all scramble around looking for fun things to do, when fun isn’t about things, fun is about feelings. How you feel about what you’re doing determines whether or not you’re having any fun.

Meaghan in a life I knew her, almost never had any fun. She could be in the funnest place with the funnest people, and still she would be sour. But when she was fun in that life, she was fun. She was her; and when you’re fun in your life, you are you.

Fun isn’t about a goal or accomplishment. One shouldn’t seek to accomplish fun. It cannot be accomplished it can only be had. Fun always exists, it’s up to you if you reach out and grab it. Playing with bunnies can be fun, or not. It really matters if you like bunnies on that one. Working in a coal mine can be fun, you just can’t mind getting dirty...but getting dirty is half the fun! You can be locked up in a cage somewhere, and have fun! But somewhere in our history we decided when it was, or wasn’t okay to have fun. Then our idea of fun got muddled. There became inappropriate times to have fun.

Kids can have fun anywhere with anything. You’ve noticed that. You can be in the most serious of situations, and turn around, only to see a kid playing and having fun. That’s wonderful!. But do you know what we do then?! We turn around, and stop that kid from having fun- because it isn’t an appropriate time for FUN. We run around stealing fun, taking it away, making it wrong. Fun isn’t wrong. Fun is never wrong. If you can take one thing with you today, please take that it is never wrong to have fun, and it is never wrong to feel happiness.

You should listen to me because I know what I’m talking about.

I see people rooted in their pain like trees into the earth, but they’re not trees! They have no roots! They can leave anytime, and choose to reach out, and have fun. Anything can be fun. Any situation can be made into a happy situation. It is possible. And it is never disrespectful to try to find the happiness available to us in any situation. If someone tells you differently, they are wrong, they do not know what they are talking about.

When you are doing the dishes, remember- I can have fun doing this! When you are sending an old friend away who has died, you can have fun doing this! When everything has gone wrong, and you see no hope, it’s not because there is no hope- it’s because you refuse to reach out and have fun. You are just refusing to reach out and have happiness.

You must accept your sorrow and melancholy just as you accept fun, these things are of value too; but just remember, in the same air that melancholy lives, lives fun too. At the same time.

Mostly, you just have to open your eyes, and breathe deeply. Look around you. You are real, you are real in this world. You have this awesome body, it feels things, it learns things, it tastes things! That’s fun. Roller Coasters are fun. There aren’t any roller coasters on the other side. Food is fun! There isn’t any food on the other side. There are no hugs on the other side. We don’t miss much here; but there still aren’t any hugs.

You don’t need toys, or pets, or balls, or much to have fun- you just have to know that fun is everywhere all the time. Fun doesn’t just stop showing up because you aren’t willing to have it. Fun is there for you even if you’re not there for fun. Fun is loyal this way.

Are you having fun now? Because you could be. Are you having fun at work? Because you could be! You might get in trouble, but sometimes trouble is fun too!

Fun is just a simple appreciation for all things as they are in real time while you are here. If you can appreciate life, and all that it is, it is easier to have fun. Just reach out, and grab it.”

So I suppose I AM fun; and I suppose you’re fun too.

I started writing this blog before I got the above message from Paul, and I really didn’t know what I was in for. I’m not gonna lie, I expected that to go another way...I should reference my own blog about expectations

I can’t really follow up with anything better than what Paul said, and I’m okay with that. I will just leave you with this: fun is whatever is fun to you, just remember to “reach out and grab it”.

Love and light!

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