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The Coronavirus

Coronavirus san diego

Disclaimer: Rev. Meg is not a scientist or a doctor. She is a semi-hyperactive blond minister and psychic medium who tries very hard not to cuss all the time.

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! It's very much so time to do some extended writing with regards to the Coronavirus. I have been a tad busy with remote healing appointments, and developing the new program- I apologize for the delay! I did post a short video yesterday, you can view it here.

Before I let the brigade loose to give you some messages on this subject, it's important for everyone to remember a few things:

1) Pandemics and outbreaks aren't exactly out of the ordinary. In fact, it's a miracle, given our global population, that they do not occur more often.

2) Your intuition, not fear, will guide you through nearly any sticky situation. This is why it is paramount for everyone to observe, embrace, love, and release their fears and other negative emotions. Fear is the only emotion which blocks spiritual connectivity; and it blocks it entirely.

3) There are very helpful facts available to us about this virus, how it behaves, how it spreads, and how it does not spread. Please be cautious when reading articles, and ensure you are getting factual information, not presumptuous or speculative information. The imagination and sensationalism of the human mind is pretty impressive.

4) From the beginning of the media's mass coverage of this virus, Running Eagle (my healing teacher) has been very helpful and accurate. He is an entity of few words, and has expressed a hesitancy to give out too much predictive information due to the extreme variability of this pandemic. With that said, the most predominant variable is, you guessed it, human behavior. I have been informed that the level of panic and fear within the collective is a major determining factor with regards to the spread and severity of this virus (as it is with any disease).

5) Wash your hands :)

6) (Take a deep breath) This is not nearly as bad as it looks, and it is not nearly as bad as what will occur in the distant future. Our population and climate reached critical mass years ago, and that will continue to catch up with us. Understand, there is no reason to be fearful of the future. Fear of any kind is unnecessary, although an important part of the human experience. In a nutshell, fear is a very important puzzle piece in human evolution.

Without recounting my entire Minister's Thesis (which was on the evolution of earth's spirits), I will briefly explain why. We, as a collective, are working towards complete mind control, so we can then go on to achieve control over our central nervous systems. Eventually the human race (for the most part) will evolve to being able to control our entire body through control of our brains. Pretty cool, huh?

In order to accomplish this, our main task is being able to control our hormone levels, and first on the list is adrenaline. In order to learn how to do this, we must "collect data"; and in order to collect data, we must experience and study adrenaline and other hormonal surges. Having this insight on the spiritual and physical evolution of the human collective will make a lot of senseless seeming things...make sense.

7) Understand we are always moving forward in evolution, even if it appears otherwise! The human collective is making progress quickly. Consider what your home looks like an hour into a deep clean: pretty damn messy. However, in that deep clean scenario, progress is being made.

Please know I'm thinking of you; and I too am combatting my own negative emotion: sadness. Although I have developed an impressive (I'm confident enough to say that) ability to control and release my emotions, I am still prone to sadness. I am sad everyone is so afraid, and I hope so deeply that people can return to their hearts and find peace.

Enough from me! Let's hear from the brigade!


"I am a squeaky wheel telling you this; but Spirit in general is a squeaky wheel! We keep telling everyone the same things over and over! And it may seem redundant, but I tell you what- we keep saying the same things because they are true.

It is okay to feel happiness in times where everyone else is unhappy. It's okay to find fun in any moment. Fun doesn't discriminate, people do! Other people may think you're crazy, having fun and being happy right now, but that really isn't up to you. We can have joy in all moments, and find fun in all things."


"We have a heart which beats inside our chest, and we have a heart that cannot be seen. This heart is our knowing, our truth, our wisdom, and our love. It has no center in our body, spiritual or physical, it is spread throughout us evenly, gently guiding us towards peace.

Be within the feeling of this heart. This heart knows no fear, because fear is a fabrication of the body, it cannot be known, it can only be created. This heart knows your path, it is resilient because it knows no end. There is no end.

You are capable of knowing. Of peace. Of loving. Of all these things and more. Allow yourself to reach your full potential in this way."


"See around this. It is one small occurrence in an infinite universe. It is a passing moment to respond to, not to settle into, or focus on intently. Keep your goals, your wishes, your ambitions in front of you, and see them brighter than you see all else."

Running Eagle

"This disease is not unusual, it is simply new. A virus has a path, a path as a human being does. This virus is moving along its path, as a bacterium moves along its path, as an ant moves along its path. Every living thing is evolving, and this virus as well as others will evolve. We must evolve our thinking as this will offer us the wisdom on how to survive evolved diseases in the future. Look towards your mind. Look towards your body and its health. Look towards your children, and teach them to be kind but fearless and focused. These are the qualities of being which will ensure survival in the future, kindness, fearlessness, and focus."


"Today, I might get to be everyone's favorite. If you're worried about money, don't, money is make believe. Start out your day knowing that you will get enough, that you will find enough, and then pay attention. There are resources for everyone at every level, that's important to know.

If you need it, ask us to help you find it. We can see all the Easter Eggs from where we are, and you can't.

Obviously the stock market is not a fun playground right now, so avoid it. As of now, it appears it will take a nice jump in May or June, it will vacillate up and down, mostly down until May or June; but then down again December, maybe November.

The market is heavily influenced by thoughts. No surprise there. When you're investing, always think first, "What the hell are people thinking about these days?" What's on magazine covers, what's the news griping about, what's happening in society. Use your intuition, or stay out of the market, and invest in the little guys."

Thanks, everybody!

It appears that the worst is behind us. Try not to take your eyes off of what you want, your ambitions, your goals, or your happiness. We tend to attract what we think about and what we're focused on.

What are you focused on?

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